EA’s Origin vs. Valve’s Steam: How Do They Stack?

Great Gaming Crusade: "EA looks like it wants to muscle in on some of the action in PC digital and online gaming with the launch of Origin, its own digital game distributor, which is a smart move considering the PC gaming market continues to grow, while PC retail sales are absolutely dismal. It’s been made absolutely clear in the past few years that digital distribution for PC is king. With a third party digital distributor like Valve’s Steam, a gamer can buy a game and be downloading it within the same minute—often for much cheaper than the game’s retail counterpart. Not to mention, Steam and Microsoft’s Games for Windows LIVE offer achievements to keep gamers’ egos warm, fuzzy, and well-stroked. Nothing says returning customers like happy customers. Retail doesn’t even stand a chance."

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LewisDenby2706d ago

It'll be interesting to see how the EA/Valve thing pans out in terms of what is offered on which service - especially with the Crysis 2 stuff going on at the moment.

evrfighter2706d ago

The article is funny because author is assuming origin can stack with steam.

This is ea folks. They're never changed. All their titles are now at the 60 dollar mark.

We are talking about a company that believes in free content driving sales of their core game. That 75% off sales will bring in more cash flow


A company that believes a game should be barebones at launch and the complete game should be broken up into dlc. Then after launch dlc, dlc, dlc dlc.

ksense2706d ago

My message to Steam


cochise3132706d ago

I doubt ea can match valves prices.

VampiricDragon2706d ago

its not even close. Steam is the nintendo of DD

mistajeff2706d ago

Does origin only sell EA games?

mistajeff2703d ago

*picture of captain picard facepalming*

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