SEGA, Ubisoft and EA Express Interest In Wii U From 'Day One'

As we all saw at E3 this year, Nintendo debuted the Wii U, and along with it, demoed a lot of third-party games that would be coming to the platform. This is a brand new focus for Nintendo, who until now have had a shaky relationship at best with third-party developers. They’ll therefore be thrilled that a wide number of developers have pledged to back the system from day one, with EA, Ubisoft and SEGA all expressing interest in the new platform.

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flipmop442682d ago

I can't wait to see what game content is offered.

pixboy2682d ago

I'm actually excited to see what the devs do with old franchises to make them standoout on the Wii U... if it's not going to be a better experience... no point :P

Cwalk8162681d ago

Battlefield 3 coming to WiiU?

JakePayne2681d ago

That would be awesome to have Dragon Age 3 on the Wii U... But one can only dream...

babshier2681d ago

Reminds me of a gamegear, but with much more power an possibilities. My childhood brought back to life!