Build an 8 PS3 Supercomputer

"Less than a 10th the cost per GFlop of the $2500 supercomputer
Take 8 PS 3 consoles, Yellow Dog Linux, a Gigabit Ethernet switch and your favorite protein folding or gravitational wave modeling codes and you're doing real science. On a Playstation!

Try playing Ratchet & Clank on a Cray
Most scientific computing is done on cluster computers. Blue Gene/L, the world's fastest supercomputer, uses 130,000 processors. Plus a lot of money, power and cooling". -Robin Harris

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Skerj4868d ago

If only I could turn those bad boys into a rendering farm I'd actually attempt it, but alas I'd need like 2gigs of ram per ps3.

JsonHenry4868d ago

How about just some games to play on the damn thing?!

Skerj4868d ago

I got games to play on it o_O, just beat Heavenly Sword before I got Folklore and I still have to beat that before I even open Ratchet. By the time I beat Ratchet I got like 6 games to play through in November. And I still play Resistance, Warhawk, Poker, and Tekken 5 DR online. Let's not turn this one into another flamewar, the "no games" thing is and it's not even valid anymore.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4868d ago

Now I can finish the nuclear weapon I always wanted to make. Thanks Sony, you rock!

Daz4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

I thought 1 is ment to be as powerful as a supercomputer what a load of fud, i dont really care just let me play the games and watch blueray movies. THis is such a cool artical lol :/

ruibing4868d ago

FUD is defined as an offensive tactic against your opponents, not praising your own. For example, 360 fans talking about games for PS3, and PS3 fans talking about RRoD for 360.

Though for gamers, this hasn't yielded any benefits yet, but the more it gets the CS community interested, the more universities that will offer classes on programming and using the Cell architecture, and then we will have programmers that have academic experience with the Cell. We probably won't see any benefit from the academic acceptance of the PS3 for a few more years.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4868d ago

Thanks, I didn't know that (seriously). I was beginning to wonder what FUD meant, saw it pop up on forums I visit a few times.

feejo4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )


feejo4868d ago

There is alot of ignorant Xbox owner thinking blu-ray is just for movies. It is for game also, it is 50gb and your Xbox is only 5gb.

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solar4868d ago

i want a super "model" ;)

Daz4868d ago

I agree lol, :) anyday

solar4868d ago

we both got disagrees. i guess there are some heterosexual haters on the board ;)

Daz4868d ago

solar agree again lol:)

InMyOpinion4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Does it do games?

- Who cares when there's protein folding and gravitational wave modeling codes?!

B E Y O N D G A M 3 S !

psycho3604868d ago

C64 FTW.

So what are super computers supposed to do now since consoles are doing their work? Can we make them play games?

InMyOpinion4868d ago

We can scrap all supercomputers now that we have the PS3 =)

Lol! 4 disagrees. You fanboys don't have any sense of humor...

lynx1halo4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

So you Trolls continue to say there are no games...with PS3 games releasing just within the last is there a magic number of games that has to be out to shut you up....what is it 50? 100?...or is it just grasping at whatever you can to try and downtalk the superior console

@ Lex Luthor u troll
exactly u see....once you make a valid point..and take away their points validity...all they can say is.......uh...just STFU...........LOL I LOVE IT

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