160° - Annoyed Gamer's Worst of E3 2011

Invisible Walls' Marcus Beer guides us through the downsides to E3, critiquing in his trademark fair and balanced manner!

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kratos1232778d ago

this guy speaks the truth

StanLee2778d ago

Couldn't stop laughing. Dude is hilarious.

Why o why2778d ago

This dude is angry. Most of what he said could be thrown at most conventions. Surprised gt allowed him to lambast ms like that though. Swearing wakes me up in the morning. I feel refreshed and ready to start the day in a firm manner;)

Berserker__11242778d ago

He was right to the whole video.

Linko642778d ago

How come he didnt say anything about pointless youtube celebs ho'ing up E3 (im looking at you Toby what ever your name is and Phillip 'E-Beg' Defranco)