OXM Duke Nukem Forever Review

OXM UK: "For years, these words - which, with some assembly, form a review of Duke Nukem Forever - appeared on OXM's big list of 'Things Unlikely to be Seen in Our Lifetime', nestled between watching Elvis perform live in the food court at Pease Pottage service station and a delightful weekend break to the lost city of Atlantis."

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dirigiblebill2683d ago

Fair point about the fact that FPSs weren't always this relentless. Call of Duty's got us all convinced that if you're not being shot at immediately you should take it back to the shop.

Having said that, I can't stand DNF. The load times make my teeth hurt.

Mikeyy2683d ago

I feel bad for everybody that got the console versions, the PC version has very short load times, like 3 seconds.

mrsatan2683d ago

I have actually been pleasantly suprised by how good the game is. I thought it was going to be Max Hazard terrible but it still has the charm. The Duke Nukem puzzles are awesome and there is some decent level design in the game.

Granted I am forcing every possible graphics advantage and am running a widescreen fov with dsiabled depth of field hack. The game looks pretty damn good with all of this enabled. The main thing that detracts from it is that hideous field of view and the depth of field effect is the worst implementation I have EVER seen.

I couldn't imagine playing this game on the console. Without mods and the speed of the mouse I don't see it being fun at all.

The Meerkat2683d ago

Having played about half of the game I don't see why its getting all the hate.

Technically its not up to speed with current games but in terms of fun it exceeds almost all of them.

And isn't fun the reason we game?

Yomaster2683d ago

This reviewer needs to tone it down with the "horror" of the Alien Hive level. The game is SUPPOSED to be ridiculously repulsive, don't downrate a game just because you're not man enough for its humor.

Anyways, I'm surprised at how much fun this game actually is. Funny as hell, that's for sure. Graphics on 360 definitely lead to quite a few "WTF am I looking at!?" moments. Definitely worth a playthrough, though, IMO.

TheLastGuardian20102683d ago

This is what pisses me off. A game like Duke Nukem juvenile, offensive, embarrassing in some cases, gets the SAME EXACT score as Alice 2, which is beautiful and lovely, and a game that is like Uncharted compared to that piece of shit game. yet it gets the same damn score.

damn, gaming journalism is a joke.

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