Destructoid: Videogames, What's All The Fuss About?

"Why are people so passionate about which console is better, which games are better when really it's all a waste of time? By not taking an interest in the three above consoles is my life seriously lacking something?"

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Daz4868d ago

Why are people so passionate about which console is better, which games are better when really it’s all a waste of time.
Because they have no life and complete twats and not a GAMER and dont have the right brand name on the console lol.

Violater4868d ago

What will be the next big gripe about the PS3.
It's become cheaper
Got some great games to play now.

But ohh its harder to develop for and Multi platform games will look better on the other console, Infinity Ward and COD4 says "Hi"
Tell the lazy untalented devs to get up to speed or get left behind.
I'm talking to you Valve, EA, et. al.
Can you hear it?
A storm is brewing and almost here matters not your console of choice in the end though, there will be great games for all,

just some better than others.......jk

smirx4868d ago

One thing that I didn't notice anybody mention is the fact that 360 and PS3 owners are nervous. I believe the main reason that people are arguing about which system is better is because they are hoping the system they own/ want to buy will prevail. I bought a Dreamcast back in the day at full price, and watched as the systems rapidly went down to as low as $50.00 a pop and most of the software companies discontinue support. No one likes that feeling. I think a lot of people just want to justify the purchase they have made. I have purposely held out thus far to see the outcome, but due to the PS3's latest price drop, I can't wait any longer. I will be purchasing the 40gb unit on Friday. At this point the way I see it is if they abandon the PS3, at least I will have Blu-Ray player. If Microsoft comes out with system and abandons the 360 (which they are known for) what am I left with? Anyways, I suggest everyone just stick with the system that best suits their needs, and try not to bash the other systems just to comfort yourself.