Xboxer360: What we would like to see in Far Cry 3

Jamie Tarren of writes "After this year’s E3 announcement for Far Cry 3 it has left many questioning what direction Ubisoft Montreal will take with this sequel. Below are a couple of ideas I’ve come up with based upon previous Far Cry titles and I’ve also thrown in a couple of new ideas for the series."

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Quagmire2681d ago

...did I ever tell you the definition of it?

Ranshak2681d ago

The Dunia engine was pretty good, i think they need to make the game more story focused instead of the mindless repeatfest of Farcry 2.

showtimefolks2681d ago

FC2 was a chore more than fun. Driving needs to be not 1st person that was a good idea on paper bad idea when implanted in the game. and respawning enemies needs to go away too.

bring back the map editor and we have ourself a great game in a new setting

jetlian2681d ago

has a major problem with treasure hunting in their games. All to often they just add 100 of this and that to say they have x amount of hours.

When you start making games under that logic your bound to make boring games. This isn't just ubisoft but a lot of their games do it.

The Meerkat2681d ago

A better frame rate please.

Solans Scott2681d ago

No check points every 2 ft.

MrDead2680d ago

Or if thay are putting in checkpoints stop having resporning bad guys. I must have killed the entire population of a country just by repeatingly having to go through each cheackpoint. I stuck to rivers as much as I could so i didn't have to go on the roads.

Jamietarren2680d ago

I know where you're coming from. I was always avoiding every road and going around the edge of enemy outposts just to avoid killing the same enemies from before.

Snoozer2822680d ago

Yeah, fun. FC2 was pretty abysmal...

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