Top 4 Reasons Piracy Hasn't Hit The PS3

Phgamer: "In Asia's gaming culture, piracy has been common place for every major game console since the NES. In the mid 90's a device called the UFO, allowed ROM games stored on floppy disks to be played on the SNES via a disk-drive like device that sat on top of the SNES. The 32-bit era saw the rise of mod-chips and insane swap-tricks to get past CD region lockouts.

Not much has changed in the generations that followed. Even today, the Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PSP have all fallen victim to heavy piracy. The advent of torrent sites and faster download speeds don't do the major players any favors either. The PS3, on the other hand, remains a different story. I have been keeping an eye on the local pirating scene, and with almost a year after the PS3's release, it appears to be the only console piracy free. On that note, I have concluded these reasons for the PS3's success in the anti-piracy war".

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ruibing4866d ago

His reasons makes sense, though I don't know when he did his research since all PS3s are now $499 and below...

blusoops4866d ago

he said "early adopters" paid $600

JsonHenry4866d ago

Why? Because not enough people own one yet. Give it time. Kinda like Mac viruses vs. Windows viruses. Who wants to waste their time on something no one (statistically speaking)owns?

Frulond4866d ago

I remember when modders were asking for 200usd to mod a PS2s I never modded mine since I didn't wanted to lose my warranty in case i ever needed, and I doubt will be easier or cheaper to mod PS3. Sandly M$ doesn't have nor care having the architecture to fight modders and I saw it with my own eyes last week at the black market, they were opening 360's like tuna cans :S

Real Gambler4866d ago

The 360 was cracked after only one or two millions sold. So if it's easy to do, it will be done. It's was never a question of how many are sold. Microsoft being a software company, guess how easy it was to cracked their hardware product...

On the other side, Sony is at their third attempt, so sure enough, eventually the PS3 will be cracked as well, but you can only assume they are getting better at protecting their product by now...

lawman11084866d ago

And the ones who do (like me) dont care for the crap they put out for it.

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MaximusPaynicus4866d ago

However he did forget number 5: There aren't any games worth ripping yet.

d3l33t4866d ago

that's odd, i have a stack of games sitting next to my ps3

Darkiewonder4866d ago

You misspelled Lair. lawlz.

Kyur4ThePain4866d ago

Careful mate, someone's going to think you're being serious. LOL

Contra264866d ago

it's true.
and why would anyone want to play a kiddy platformer?

that's pretty embarrassing...

Makroyale4866d ago

The ISOs are posted in NG, but the ISO loader or whatever workaround hasn't been created yet.

harpua4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

"why would anyone want to play a kiddy platformer? "

well its seems the kids like that Fisher-Price styled shooter called Halo 2.5, so why not go after that segment.

rbanke4866d ago

haha I love how (so far) 2 people have disagreed with d3l33t's post 'that's odd, i have a stack of games sitting next to my ps3 '. So they are disagreeing that you have a stack of games next to your ps3? The agree/disagree system is pretty stupid.

TheSadTruth4866d ago

"haha I love how (so far) 2 people have disagreed with d3l33t's post 'that's odd, i have a stack of games sitting next to my ps3 '. So they are disagreeing that you have a stack of games next to your ps3? The agree/disagree system is pretty stupid"

People disagree because he's saying that he has a stack of games next to his ps3 that are worth ripping, when in reality there are less than 5 PS3 games that are worth owning at the moment and it is unlikely that he has a stack of games worth ripping unless the entire stack is solely ratchet and clank and warhawk. Also I like the disagree system because it lets you see the overwhelming PS3 bias on the site, go through some of my comments and some of the more retarded ones that say stuff like "PS3 ROX PLAY B3Y0ND" get much more agrees than logical statements.

Frulond4866d ago

#1 there are at least 100 games released for the PS3
#2 most PS3 except for the new 40gb have backwards compatibility with 1549 PS2 games and 1243 PsOne games
If it was so easy to Mod PS3 they would have already done it

by the way, these are US numbers... there have been a lot different titles released for europe and asia

oh and there are 15 titles coming to PS3 in November

ry-guy4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

There may be 100 games released but the dominant point being made is that perhaps only 5 of those are worth owning.

Right now only two of those games is worth the time and money (Ratchet & Clank and Warhawk)

androctonvs4866d ago

"it's true.
and why would anyone want to play a kiddy platformer?

that's pretty embarrassing..."

lol... it's only cool when it's nintendo doing it, huh?
the reviewers must have gone crazy or some sht like that..

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Juneyp154866d ago

he missed out one big thing in terms of Blu-Ray...

Lets say the ps3 does get modded to run Burnt ISO's seriously how many people have blu-ray burners.. i understand that the ps2 and psp have HDloaders but even that seems unlikely in a product that only supports FAT32 drives(i.e 4gb file max)

Skerj4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

The "No Games" argument is done with now, I say this looking at the 10 PS3 cases on my bookshelf and 4 PSN downloaded games and there's still a couple I want that I don't have yet. In any case it's just too damned expensive to pirate, in both time and money. The isos range from a gig, to well over 14+gb and that's compressed. When the games that start using the whole disc come out, expect those numbers to grow. Couple that with the fact that you'll have to get bdroms, and a bluray burner. Yeah not the same as doing a 360,Wii, or PS2 game.

Snukadaman4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Look at october 20th's software charts for the ps3 in North America...the first time any ps3 game shows on the charts is 20th...what makes it worst is the game that is 20th is motorstorm....the game that is bundled with the 80 gigs...look at the charts yourself and you realize people with ps3's belive theres no games....lets see what happens on the next charts that come out soon with ratchet and clank and eye of judgement.

no I dont own one...3 reasons games I like..worst framerate problems then xbox 360 games...and already own a hd-dvd player ...believe me developers look at these charts and find that no one buys ps3 games...its going too take more then sony begging them to risk losing money developing ps3 games.

oh by the way..own 27 xbox 360 games..13 xbox live dont matter if only you and your 6 friends buy games for the for the ps3 has terrible attach can only hope r&c stops this trend.

Skerj4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

People with PS3s don't believe the "no games" thing as they obviously own a PS3 and games to go with it. Do you own one? My brother, and 4 of my friends own one and two more about to pick one up. And aside from my brother, all of us also own 360s which we got first. For the PS3 to not have games we sure do play a lot of stuff online against each other and at each other's homes.

I didn't need VGChartz to tell me that either, I don't even trust them since the stats can be so easily manipulated. Like I said I personally have 10 PS3 games, and 4 from the PSN. There's still 2 games I want from the PSN and I still don't have Eye of Judgment. I reiterate the no games thing is not valid anymore no matter what charts say.



You still haven't answered my question whether or not you own a PS3. You're going on about VGChartz which I just told you why they mean jack crap to me. I don't have a Wii yet because there's nothing I want on the system but I'm buying one when No More Heroes comes out, ok WHAT THE HELL does VGChartz have to do with that? Nothing!! I like Suda 51 games and that one looks awesome as well.

Hell I got a 360 too and games, guess what doesn't have jack crap to do with that? If you said VGChartz you sir are correct. End story is that I play what I like and buy just the same, I don't need to consult a chart to tell me that. And despite what your little chart says, the PS3 has games I mean what have we been playing the whole time? Wasn't [email protected]!!


First I never use the RROD thing against the 360 because it's dumb and I still have one. Second that's an entirely different ballpark as there are still systems out there susceptible to it, including my own. Game launches and retroactively fixing a hardware failure are not the same thing. Mine could crap out on me tomorrow and I'd have to send it into MS to get repaired, all the while I still have my PS3 games to play.

Snukadaman4866d ago

Most people as in journalists and people in the industry look at the numbers and know its estimates...but they are alot closer then the numbers collected from the UK.

ry-guy4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

If that is the case, then by your logic we cannot say the same thing about the RRoD problem that plagued the Xbox 360 before hand. Because Microsoft has fixed it and made the necessary changes, the PS3 fanbase can no longer use the RRoD has a valid argument against the 360.

However, I think the no games argument will be irrelevant soon (the earliest at the end of the holiday season, the latest spring of 08). Of course this all depends on how these other exclusives fair, since I I assuming they will all do well and remain exclusives.

b777conehead4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

i don't look at numbers i buy the games that i want and play them. ill let sony ms and others worry about the i do not make any money by there numbers why worry.ill just play the games.but Snukadaman
it sounds like maybe you earn a commission the way you look at all the numbers.what happened to the good old days of reading about games and console systems without all the numbers of sales system sold etc etc. right now all 3 systems have dev support one way are the other.and all 3 systems are still selling consoles and as long as that happens there will be dev support .

maybe you do research on software.not to much research on the hard wear that rrods

Snukadaman4866d ago

its called being a smart consumer and not jumping into a console that has problems with people buying software. As I stated many times...I usually wait a year for the consoles too have a great library of games before I purchase a we speak nothing on the ps3 looks tempting enough too buy a 500 dollar console for.

athlon7704866d ago

That is all well and good, but you are sounding like you are trying to convince the people that OWN a PS3 and playing the games they like on it that the PS3 still has no games. Let it go. Those of us that OWN the system know what it has and are very happy playing the games we purchased. We do not rely on some chart that says "the top selling game this week is ___________". If that is how you buy your games for the 360, then good for you. Myself, I look at the reviews from the various sites and try to make a informed decision. Lair got a decent review and I like it alot. Halo3 got a perfect score and after completing the single player, I have gotten online a couple of times. It is by no means my favorite game despite everyone elses opinion. Same goes for Ace Combat 6. Low scores in the reviews, but does that mean I should just ignore it and say "well it got poor reviews so it must not be a game deserving a purchase"...well I am going to buy it anyway. Maybe you should just relax a little and give the charts a break.

Oh, and "ry-guy", just so you know, the RROD has not been resolved, and even the new "Falcon" board is getting this wonderful display of lights. You might want to get your facts straight before making the statemets you made.

ry-guy4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

If that is your real username? Why the heck would you put mine in quotation marks like it is in doubt? Anyways, I digress.

The problem has been resolved, which has been pointed out on numerous technical forums. I have yet to hear about RRoD's involving the NEW hardware changes. Perhaps you should keep up on the times instead of keeping your head in the sand. The new Falcon chip (which it is called, so I do not know why you are trying to cast doubt on its name) and the larger heat sinks (which was in fact an article on N4G not even 24 hours ago) have resolved the crux of the problems involving heat.

athlon7704863d ago

I don't know why I put quotes around your name...was probably going to do something else and got side tracked. But the RROD was not resolved with the new heatsink they started to use, and people are still getting the RROD with the "Falcon" board and the new smaller CPU. The nasty looking Halo edition has the new board and I know of a couple that have gone back to the place of purchase with RROD listed as the reason.

Oh, and using quotations is not just used to imply something, using quotes have more than just one use, pick up a gramatic book and not just english 101. For my use, I was bringing attention to the word "Falcon" and not implying that is not its name.

Anyway, with the "fixed" RROD (see, in this instance I am using the word fixed as implied with the quotation marks) issue resolved, I guess all the systems still getting this is because the owner must have it plugged into a power strip and not directly into the power socket in the wall, right?...right... :\ We can go back and forth all day with this, some of you 360 owners are just as thick headed as Microsof themselves, never addmitting there is a problem. Well there was, and it still is.

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