IGN_Strategize: How to Boost Your Ego in Duke Nukem Forever

IGN - Duke has a giant ego. See how to make it bigger

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hiredhelp2684d ago

I wont say what i drew on that white board when i got the chance. lol

wallis2683d ago

I think there isn't a single person who played DNF who didn't draw a colossal, veiny and hairy cock.

And I think at least one out of two people took a good few minutes of their day to put some detail into the sketch.

hiredhelp2683d ago

lol u said it not me. ok yeh i drew one

hazelamy2683d ago

not buying the game might be a good start.

realising you paid good money for something that bad has got to damage your ego, surely. ^_^

hiredhelp2683d ago

yeh i bought it yeh i sold it sharpish but online so i didnt loose much on it few pound. sell while its hot if you have a hunch or you know its pants. thats time to cash in.