DC Universe Online updates fans on console freezes

Massively: If you've been playing DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3, you've probably either experienced or heard of the freezing problems experienced on the platform. Executive producer DeadMeat has posted an update on the situation to the game's official Facebook page, and while it's not a fix, it does help explain what the issue seems to be from the development side. In short, the issue is less a matter of not being able to fix it and more of an issue of nailing down the precise problem.

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DA_SHREDDER2680d ago

It was fun while it lasted. Level cap only goes to 30, only a handful of coop missions (not gaining xp together with your friends through regular missions sucks btw), voice chat only working when it wants, not recognizing my official ps blutooth mic, and repetitive powers all started to get old the first month I played. And to make matters worse i cant even sell this game in for trade in credit. So much wasted potential with this title.

xTruthx2680d ago

"only a handful of coop missions (not gaining xp together with your friends through regular missions sucks btw)"

Um... you can do every mission after the Brainiac ship with 3 of your friends.

Trebius2680d ago

Still enjoying the hell out of the game lol. This PVP is amazing, wont find anything like this on any other mmo.

When the little issues are fixed, this game will be huge, guaranteed.

I've had it since launch and me and my friends still play, very good game in terms of content. When you hit level 30, the game really opens up, so many things to do.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2680d ago

yep. feel the same way. I have a few buddies who play this like others play COD. If there was no charge to play it would have picked up. They screwed the pooch by once again fucking over the ps3 crowd with the shenanigans.

I would really rather see a new Ultimate Alliance 3 game than this game to last any longer. 14.99 month, plus the 50 bucks for the game purchase, and no way to trade the game in or even give it to someone else who may feel the urge to throw money away on a monthly basis. Way too many great games on consoles to be locked into an expensive ass plan.

Rynx2680d ago

I'm so close to the Platinum in this game

InTheLab2680d ago

I got the platinum on it the first month of release...haven't touched it since. Aside from the massive PVP battles going on outside of every police station, they game has very little to offer.

I probably would have skipped it were it not for my being a massive DC fanboy. Too many bugs...too little content.