Naughty Dog 'excited' over new Tomb Raider

CVG: "Former Crystal Dynamics employee and current Naughty Dog head honcho Evan Wells says he's keen to see what his former colleagues are up to with the new Tomb Raider - a game many believe stole the show at E3 2011 last week."

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tdogg060519912682d ago

My opinion but it has puzzles and I hate puzzles.

mrsatan2682d ago

Puzzles are the awesome when done correctly!

jetlian2682d ago

it looks better. The mood felt very real.

HeroComplex2682d ago

I'm actually looking forward to both. The Tomb Raider developers clearly had to step up their game to compete with Uncharted. They both should be good.

BeastlyRig2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Naughty Dog will get more ideas from tomb raider..

ABizzel12681d ago

I too am excited for both. They both demoed extremely well at E3, although all the feminine screaming and groaning was a little annoying (they need to cut at least 50% of that out of Tomb Raider).

This is the first Tomb Raider game I've ever been excited for, and that speaks volumes to the this games new found quality.

For those of you trying to bring Uncharted down, just stop it. Uncharted was the better game by far, which is why the Tomb Raider devs. had to move to a completely new genre anyway.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2682d ago

As am I. I honestly dont know which I'll enjoy more. But I will enjoy both.

Paradicia2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

It's nice to see developers that have mutual respect for similar franchises in there field of work. Wells did work on Tomb raider after all before the heydays of Uncharted.

Quagmire2682d ago

Can't wait for both the games. Comparisons can go on for ages, however true action-adventure nutters will pick up both.

LarVanian2682d ago

I don't blame them. Naughty Dog are gamers too and the prospect of a Tomb Raider revamp is most definitely exciting.

LarVanian2682d ago

Attention disagreers, what exactly do you disagree with? Come on, speak up, don't be shy.

gunnerforlife2682d ago

i think they thought that naughty Dog are fanboys so when you said "gamers" they disagreed with that. idiots.

THC CELL2682d ago

They should team up and make a spin off of unchared and tomb raider together on a. Adventure uncharted has that british comady everyone likes. Why not put it with a british woman and dreake it would be fun and funny

HeavenlySnipes2682d ago

because that's all British people are good for, making us N. Americans laugh :p

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The story is too old to be commented.