Has Mario Kart lost its style?

GamesRadar looks at the evolution of Mario Kart and debates whether it is going in the right direction.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4868d ago

Double Dash wasn't as good as the others. I thik ever since they started going with the special toy looking cars to match each character, it kinda became too kiddish. And it feels that way also.

Tsalagi4868d ago

Mario Kart DS and the original SNES Mario Kart are the only two i really like. I didn't care that much for the N64 version and definitely didn't like the "tag team" stuff in Double Dash. I'm worried a little about the Wii version too. I'm afraid the controls will be too loose due to the motion controls.

Noodlecup4868d ago

It has no style because it isn't a first person shooter (deserves a 10/10) *sighs*

PS360WII4868d ago

N64 topped it for me. Wasn't a big fan of Double Dash but put up with it. DS version is pretty fun. Maybe Wii version will be big enough to have a lot of the old school charm with the addition of the new stuff...?

IntelligentAj4868d ago

Agreed. The N64 version was the best!!!The ones that have come out since really don't catch my interest as much as 64.

tfur4868d ago

N64 battle, on the double deck map... we used to play it at work endlessly...

N64 kart ruled...

DeckUKold4868d ago

double dash was by far the best one the N64 one played it for sleepless nights but double dash LOVED IT it was finally tag team for me and my brothers idk probably you don't live with twelve people like i did

yaygames4868d ago

but im not so sure how the wii one will fair...

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The story is too old to be commented.