Namco Bandai Reveals New Info and Media about Soul Calibur V

Namco Bandai revealed some juicy story and character info about the upcoming new chapter of the Soul Calibur franchise.
As some already know, it will be set quite far in the future compared to Soul Calibur IV, precisely, seventeen years later.

While some of the heroes from the old chapters will make a comeback (Siegfried and Mitsurugi have been confirmed, while visibly aged), new fighters from a new geneartion will walk the stage of history.

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JoelT2867d ago

Out of all the classic fighting games making their returns this generation this is the one I'm most excited for, by far!

Chadness2867d ago

Yeah, not being a fighter fan myself, the one I've gotten into the most in the past is Soul Calibur, so I'm actually looking forward to this.

Athlon2867d ago

IMHO, The graphics look unchanged.

xskipperx822867d ago

Namco has already said that all of the current screenshots are using the Soul Cal 4 engine. The new engine is still being worked on. This game is VERY early in developement still. i think like only 10%

Newtype2867d ago

Eh, didn't like the last one. They ruined the game at 4.

warrior99882867d ago

yep il stick to SF & tekken

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