Some Of The Most Kick Ass Box Art You’ll Ever See, That Isn’t Real

Have you ever bought a video game and while looking at the box art you thought what else could it possibly look like that would be totally kick ass and awesome? Well we’re here to show you some of the most kick ass box art you’ll ever see. Except for the fact it isn’t real.

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xPhearR3dx2684d ago

My personal favorite is Bioshock Infinite. I think it could easily pass as the real thing.

ilikestuff2684d ago

yea its good, they were all pretty good the gears 3 one didnt look that different though

DrRichtofen2684d ago

That fan made mgs:r makes the retail version look like a generic uninspired piece of crap

omi25p2684d ago

The gears of war 3 fanmade one is awful

Lord_Sloth2684d ago

My favorites were the Dead Space 2 and the MGR.

SeraphimBlade2684d ago

Geez, even Gears fans think the games could use some more color. I like it. That and Portal 2. The rest... meh.

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