Nintendo, The Next Sega

Wii lived a short life due to sales decrease and the 3DS isn't off to a good start. With the reveal of a new console Wii U the audience is skeptical on what to think of it. The PSV is releasing soon and at the same price as the 3DS who knows how long Nintendo is going to last as the leading hand-held gaming console.

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Shok2775d ago

"Wii lived a short life due to sales decrease"

The bigger problem was of course the hardware. The Wii simply wasn't future proof.

"and the 3DS isn't off to a good start."

A couple of things:

1) The launch was lack-luster because the launch GAMES we lack-luster. There is going to be so many awesome 3DS titles out by the end of the year, watch the sales sk-rocket due to OoT, Mario Kart, Mario 3DS, Kid Icarus, the Resident Evil games, Starfox, Metal Gear, etc.

2) Many people are waiting for the inevitable price drop and 3DS Lite/Slim. We all know it's coming.

3) Nintendo's games simply have more of a mass market appeal than Sony's, this is just a fact. I honestly don't see the $250 price point affecting the 3DS TOO much because when it comes down to it it's all about the games, and Nintendo has that appeal for the masses.

Lyle912775d ago

I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if the 3DS broke some records this holiday season.

Nugan2775d ago

You're right that the Wii wasn't future proof, but that's because it was designed with a typical 5 or 6 year console cycle in mind.

Nintendo never intended the Wii to still be breaking sales record in 2011. That's why they had its successor ready to show at E3.

It seems like some individuals are desperate to spin Wii as a failure, even though it was the sales leader for four years, its lifetime sales are still well above its competitors, and, even at a reduced price and with limited software support, it continues to be profitable to Nintendo. (An argument that continues to be made about the PS2.)

As far as the 3DS and Wii U are concerned, it's way too early to know. If the Vita outsells the 3DS this Christmas (and it's certainly possible), then it will be time to brag. The same will be true if the Wii U is a sales failure (and I think that a lot of sites are exaggerating the chances of this). But right now it's all empty speculation.

MAiKU2774d ago

I so totally agree about the 3DS. The sales suck because there are no games.

I beleive when ocarina hits sales will pick up. The next step is to secure a Monster Hunter game for the system and continue providing some of the first party games fans want.

Its like the PSP, we don't see great system sales UNTIL great games come out. Wait till Final fantasy type-0 comes out in japan and see what happens.

Lyle912775d ago

Considering the amount of money Nintendo made off the Wii, I think they'll be around for some time to come.

miyamoto2775d ago

Ninty must stay casual or be a casualty.

manumit2775d ago

haha you should write for Adam Sandler films.

PSjesus2775d ago

I luv Nintendo but i want SEGA back as consoles manufacture
And Nintendo as multiplat game developer.

ozstar2775d ago

Sony was responsible for the death of Sega, way to blame the wrong company Playstation Jesus.

longcat2775d ago

erm.. sega's long history of shit decisions led to loss of consumer confidence and loyalty. Very few were willing to forgive the saturn.

Sony was the final nail in the coffin

Its also worth noting that they were planning to exit the hardware game even before the dreamcast launch

AWBrawler2775d ago

Wii wasn't short lived it got a whole year more than Gamecube and N64 did

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