Possible Halo 4 ARG Appears - Test Subjects Needed


"The games industry is no stranger to Alternate Reality Games.

"The first and most famous of which was "I Love Bees", an ARG for Halo 2.

"Now, a mysterious ARG has appeared. And as per the strangeness associated with Alternate Reality Games, we know nothing about it.

"Luckily, OXCGN did some investigating and found some promising information.

"This may grab your attention: the research leans towards Halo 4."

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gaminoz2864d ago

These viral marketing thingos really are elaborate...couldn't the publishers spend more money on the games themselves?

Proeliator2864d ago

You have to admit they're fun, especially for the fans.

That whole Valve potato nonsense was brilliant!

Proeliator2864d ago

I'm hoping we get something that is better than I Love Bees... that's hard to top.

ARC35822864d ago

I love a good ARG. I Love Bees is part of what made Halo 2 my favorite Halo, and I had more fun with
"Something in the Sea", (#30360, Coral Pawn here, for those who know what that means :D )than I did with all of Bioshock 2. If this really is for Halo 4 then I'm really looking forward to it.

CarnageXB2864d ago

People at E3 got black "secret" cards. When you open it a bee appears and said the site url in a kind of e-ink display. This is weird. I did sign up for the site a few days ago and never got a email conformation. I wonder if it went through.

A7XEric2864d ago

Halo always has awesome ARG campaigns. This might be related. I could maybe also see it being Half-Life related as well maybe?

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