Nintendo overtakes Sony in the game software market

According to market watcher iSuppli, Nintendo has surpassed Sony as the leader in the video game software market in the third quarter of 2007 on the strength of new titles for both its Wii and DS.

Worldwide revenue for Nintendo DS and Wii gaming software amounted to $1.2 billion in the third quarter, up 31.4 per cent from $943.6 million in the second quarter and more than double the $611 million from the third quarter of 2006.

Sony's third quarter game software revenues were $1 billion for its PS3, PS2 and PSP.

Microsoft posted revenues of $317.8 million for Xbox and Xbox 360 software.

(via Electronics Weekly, Oct. 30)

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4869d ago

I might pick up a PSP myself, mostly for Castlevania.

Nuch Vader4869d ago

Castlevania is the only reason to pick up a PSP.

Shankle4869d ago

There is no single reason, but the greatest and most important by far is locoroco. If everybody in the world was given a PSP and locoroco, world peace would be established very rapidly

ruibing4869d ago

I think the PSP has a lot of solid titles:

FF Tactics
Jeanne D'arc
Syphon Filter
MGS Portable Ops
Burnout Legends
Pursuit Force
Tomb Raider: Legends
Me and my Katamri
GTA Liberty Stories

There's got to be something here for everyone.

PS360WII4869d ago

Revenues for everyone! Yippy! Hmm I'd say more but people are getting ticked at me so I'll join up on some of the hate. Why does the Wii get top spot don't consumers know it's the weakest system of the 3. Of all the nerve! Stupid consumers spending money on systems that don't play DVD's a non-gaming function.

Kleptic4869d ago

hahaha people disagreed with that...

even funnier is that Halo 3 made like 2/3s of that $317 a month...

yaygames4869d ago

What, with the DS and the Wii...

PS360WII4869d ago

For game sales it's almost not fair to count the DS really. It's sort of an enigma. If it was just counting the home consoles the list would most likely be flipped.

otherZinc4869d ago

Across the big 3: 360, Wii, & PS3, the 360 leads the software sales of the PS3 & Wii combined.

In September Halo 3 sales totaled over 280million alone. I dont know where this clown gets his #'s but this sh!t won't stop until 1 of these clowns get fired for misleading the public.

PS360WII4869d ago

Not really misleading. It never said that it's for consoles only. Sony and Nintendo have handhelds that sell software.

Kleptic4869d ago

that isn't 360 fanboys just forget that the only thing MS has is the 360...they dropped the original Xbox altogether...

Sony has an installed base of 160 million+ platforms that it is making games for currently (that is PS1 consoles in that number)...Nintendo is behind that, but apparently earned more revenue on software than Sony did...

MS has an installed based of under 15 million currently...thats why the numer is so low...this isn't only PS3 vs. 360 vs. Wii...this is the real picture...and it illustrates how funny it is when 360 fanboys say Sony is doomed...

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The story is too old to be commented.