PSVita Uncharted Has Cinematics Above Uncharted 2, Insane Detailed Set Pieces

In this interview we go hands on with the PS Vita, a little clip of Blazblue In Real-Time Action, but the main part is the new features unveiled in this interview with the Game Designer behind Uncharted Golden Abyss.

This game will easily make you buy a PS Vita

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Queefy_B2680d ago

Cant wait for the vita.

TheBeast2680d ago

o.o Queefy B? What happened to Cliffy B >.>

On topic, I do hope that it packs at least the same amount of punch as the PlayStation 3 would be awesome.

Hitman07692680d ago

This new handheld system was the highlight of E3's announcements in my opinion. I am glad to see the hands on with it at E3 2011. HHG was right to show this handheld such respect, it has specs, unique games, new IPs, great price... What more can you ask for?!

miyamoto2680d ago

Gravity Daze
Dragon's Crown


This better be a launch title for vita.

jaredhart2680d ago

OOOOOH YEEEAAH! Sounds good to me!

Oldman1002680d ago

That was was very hard to watch.

"The analogue stick SONNNNN ah mah GAWD man dis is INNSAANE! Annnd you know what else its's like more curvy so it feels more conftobull in yo hann"

"Look at dah guhrafix! I see it in front of my face dawg!"


Sharingan_no_Kakashi2680d ago

Yea that was a bit over dramatic lol.

Oh what am I talking about I'm gonna do the same thing when i get mine hahaha.

StbI9902680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

I´m soooo gonna do that but thousand worsa and lotsa manda betta dudas lalalala lol


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The story is too old to be commented.