Terraria 1.05 to include "Hardcore Mode"

Great news Terraria fans! It looks like The 1.05 patch will include Hardcore mode.

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blitz0x2680d ago

Really looking forward to this! This will fix a lot of the issues from people becoming bored.

Kon2680d ago

1.0.4 was awesome. Looking forward to it!

blitz0x2680d ago

It should be crazy especially with all the added stuff that made the game incredibly tough.

WhiteLightning2679d ago

Is this actualy worth the money because I'm in two minds whether or not to get it.

bodybombs2679d ago

its worth it. its really fun once you find all the little things you can do in the game

kesvalk2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

it's probably worth your children as living sacrifice, we're lucky it only costs 10 bucks...