2K sends gamer a Duke Nukem Forever apology package

2K games saves a bit of face when it comes to some fans it seems.

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blitz0x2682d ago

2K needs all the good press it can get right now...

Queefy_B2682d ago

The game was lacking i think most of us can agree on that.

blitz0x2682d ago

Duke? Yeah but it didn't deserve the terrible scores some gave. 0/10? Was the game unplayable?

Low scores, maybe. I personally say average.

SantistaUSA2682d ago

The game is really bad, but I would still give a 6/10, I had a blast with dn3d back in the day, so I can still enjoy DNF, but the younger crowd will probably give a lower score!

SilentNegotiator2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

"Yeah but it didn't deserve the terrible scores some gave. 0/10? Was the game unplayable?"

Again, that was a terrible Metacritic conversion of an 'F' score, not some malicious score.

It sits at a deserving average score of around a 5. One point lower than reviewers almost EVER give a game this gen.

nnotdead2681d ago


1up gave an F or 1/5 not a 0/10.

i hate how so many people complain about reviewers not using their whole grading scale, keeping all reviews between 5-9.5, but when the full scale is used people bitch. 7 is "good" people.

now i still do agree that an F or 1/5 is still low from what i hear of the game. while DNF seems like a bad game, most reviews haven't said anything about the game being broken.

Legionaire20052681d ago

Thats why I trade in this crap of game to get Fear 3 instead next week.

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showtimefolks2681d ago

announce the game will retail for 29.99 drop the price
announce a patch is coming too assure gamers that most of fixable problems will be fixed

and announce borderlands 2 lol(well i am being selfish)

do the top 2 things and get some positive media towards the game

t0mmyb0y2682d ago

It by all means is not a great game. It is however a GREAT Duke game. It has all the classic Duke feel to it. I think some people just want to hate on it as bad as possible.

A7XEric2682d ago

That's pretty awesome of them, no lie.

starcb262682d ago

Sadly I predicted that DNF would be mediocre :(

PS3pwnz2682d ago

Awww...that's so sweet! They probably need every fan they've got. Rather send apology packages to those who brought the game itself.

I'm sorry, I'm overreacting. This game just wasn't what it was supposed to be. It could have been a LEGEND, now it's one of those games that will just die away quickly...

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The story is too old to be commented.