SingStar PS3 Delay Due to Licensing, No US Date

1UP: "A few weeks ago, Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed that SingStar on PlayStation 3 had been delayed. The company wouldn't elaborate, but their official statement indicated the hold up was a licensing issue, not development. Then, last week, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced SingStar would arrive overseas in December, but SCEA wouldn't assign that date for the US version to 1UP".

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lynx1halo4866d ago

Now this game I can see as being a really big hit for the there are many gamers who enjoy the interactive DDR or Singstar experience

ruibing4866d ago

Yeah they need a Singstar and DDR specifically for the PS3.

Darkiewonder4866d ago

Wonder how good the online store will be when it's released. Hopefully it's not all just filled with Sony signed bands. I would LOVE an international Store. you know. even if they have Subtitles. I'm there ;o

DJ4866d ago

considering how polished this title has looked at past gaming events. I wish PSN was as slick-looking as this title. Phil Harrison has gotten a lot of positive responses from people admiring how great Singstar's interface is, and said he'd look into it.

cow moolester4866d ago

This will be a hit in Europe..we love our singstar :D Should shift some Ps3's!