GameInsider: inFamous 2 Review

A spectacular intro that has ‘Blockbuster’ written all over it, Sucker Punch takes inFAMOUS 2 to new heights. Imagine your favorite superhero comic book come to life, in FAMOUS 2 comes straight out with an introduction to an action-adventure steeped in non-stop action, survival, and raw attitude. Playing as Cole Mcgrath is empowering.

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Tank_Commander_E62868d ago

Hell yeah that's what I'm talking about.

jwk942868d ago

It's not until your second play through that you realize how much foreshadowing there was in this game.

showtimefolks2868d ago

and i am amazed how good it is and how much it has improved over the 1st.

now i will play the good side and wait a few months to try to user generated content

colonel1792868d ago

They need to improve the climbing. Also, some of the powers are weird. You get useful powers towards the end of the game when you don't need them anymore. Then some powers, like the Ionic Vortex becomes useless by the end of the game. Some of them are not even worth using (Ionic drain). The most useful power you get it at the very end of the game where there is nothing to kill with.

Other thing weird is that you are a super hero (or super villain) and the mission you get is to help get medicine? Is that what super heroes should be doing? They should have more bosses, bigger ones.

Also, the end of the game (as evil) the beast is portrayed as the biggest treat. Destroys everything in its path, and then he is like: Ohh I am tired of this, I don't like it.. Take my powers.. come on?! Is like if doomsday was like, oh superman, I am sorry, I don;t want to kill you...

I would give the game a 9/10, but they really need to improve a lot of things. I actually would like them to release a third game but until PS4. Maybe with better tech they can fix issues, although most of them are weird design decision.

Why o why2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

If superman can rescue a cat, cole can retrieve the meds so i dissagree there but the evil cole should NOT be doing anything positive in his arc at all unless it backs up his arc imo.

There were times when i'd cling to stuff i didnt want to cling to, definitly annoying. I though some kind of button hold would be assigned to allow cole to 'not cling' to whatever but other than that and a couple untidy camera moments i thought it was an improvement..

Some of the powers are underused because they've added that much more so thats just how its gunna be. You dont need to purchase all those powers and the main ones are there and probably get used every minute. Im positive some people used different powers from the ones i used every minute.

The vortex was my main squeeze but there were times when the ice ionic thing was more efficient plus you can use all of these in the ugc levels.


The beast did kinda explain that he was raw at the beginning but in the evil arc he decides youre inline with his way of thinking and that was to save conduits only so they weren't enemies at that point. The being 'tired' bit was a touch weak though but why couldnt the big guy be a little fatigued, he'd walked a fair bit in his new body and had a couple nukes in his face;)