Notch Announces the Studio Responsible for the XBox Port

Less than 2 hours ago, Minecraft's Notch announced the team that will be responsible for the port to Xbox - 4J Studios! Read more about who they are!

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agentxk2734d ago

This news is great news indeed!

ChrisW2734d ago

Great news... but doesn't XBL already have it's clone, Fortress Craft?

agentxk2734d ago

if a 4/10 game game be considered a replacement.

blitz0x2734d ago

Fortresscraft is crap - its similar to the alpha of minecraft, but completely different than the current beta.

radphil2734d ago


Why would someone take a clone over the real deal? :p

HK62734d ago

Same genre =/= clone.

Even following your logic, Minecraft is a clone of Infiniminer.

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blitz0x2734d ago

They've done some impressive work in the past

agentxk2734d ago

absolutely, PS3 Oblivion was a solid port!

blitz0x2734d ago

Lol if anyone had issues with it and hasn't played the PC version, just know that the original wasn't very stable :P

Convas2734d ago

Well, looking forward to it. Hope we get some solid info on it soon, I'm going to be on it every freaking day!

manumit2734d ago

I've never played Minecraft, but it must be doing something right i always see it on youtube. But i'll be checking it out on xbox.

user8586212734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Cant wait for this! finally ill get a chance to try out minecraft :)

@STK Im just more of a console gamer, and knowing this is a huge time investing game, means I have to play it whilst on the couch

STK0262734d ago

Just wondering, why dind't/don't you have a chance to play it on PC?

I can understand why people are happy to have games like Crysis 2, The Witcher 2 and the likes on their home console, as they are usually very demanding games that would force one to have a good gaming computer, but Minecraft is a rather light game, most computers, with the exception of netbooks are highly likely to run it.

This is an honest and genuine question by the way.

IQUITN4G2734d ago

I have a pc with a cpu of 2000 but it's integrated graphics is simply not up to the job of running minecraft. I imagine there is a high percentage of folk like this. A cpu of 2000 was pretty bloody good not so long back and being that many hang onto their pc's for years, i'm guessing loads can't play this properly. Being in Java doesn't help much

I perhaps do have the option to shove a graphics card in there maybe but i just don't use pc's to game any- for me it's too much hassle to bother

STK0262734d ago

Thanks both of you for your answers.

Elven62734d ago

4J has done some fantastic work this generation on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this is good news!

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