Final Fantasy XIII Grew Too Big To Be 'Squashed' Into One Game "Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for release by the end of the year, a rather stunning and potentially fast turn-around for Square Enix. It begs the question if the sequel was planned from the very beginning or if the decision was made after.

Speaking in an interview with us at E3 this year, producer Yoshinori Kitase said that the game had simply grown too big to be "squashed" into one game and that the decision to create a second was made right around the time of its March 2010 release."

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Godmars2902682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Either hold me back or join in - I'M KICKIN' HIS @$$!!

Seriously - FFS - wasn't the point of FF-Type 0 and Versus to expand on the world of FFXIII?!

I honestly want to fly to Japan, hunt this guy down to stand on his chest and demand that he admit that he's doing XIII-2 because XIII was such a cluster-frack!

WhiteLightning2682d ago

The whole FF13 crystal series crap failed and that's why they shouldn't even relate Type 0 and Versus with FF13.

ash_divine2682d ago

So they should cancel two whole other projects just because you didn't like one (loosely related) game? And how exactly has the whole project failed when only one of the four games has been released? Especially when said game sold 5 million copies and got mostly 8's and such.

I swear, people have convinced themselves that FFXIII did a lot worse than it actually did.

WhiteLightning2682d ago


When the hell did I say Cancel, I just meant don't make them a part of the cystal series. Type 0 can still be release normaly but FF13 Versus should be FF15

It's like most people on here jump to conclusions because they want an argument <sigh>

Godmars2902682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Well, first off XIII-2 wasn't originally announced along with the initial three FFXIII related projects of which the remaining two have yet to have a release date. It was announce months after all the criticisms hit XIII and is coming out within a rather ridiculous and suspicious amount of time suggesting - to those who actually think about it anyway - that maybe elements not used or discarded from XIII was used to make XIII-2.

Second, FFXIII on two platforms did about as well as FFXII. Nevermind in Japan it literally hit the bargain bin within a week of its release. So the sales numbers you want to hold up as proof as it did well are rather meaningless.

I really don't get why people who liked the can't at least admit that it could have been better. Insist that it was only perfect - even though there's now XIII-2 and the things it brings to XIII's universe.

People condemn Sony for the arrogance they showed at the start of this console gen for the PS3's price and rumble, why is it that Square gets a pass now by saying towns and shops weren't needed yet they're adding them to XIII-2 now?

They made a mistake and they're not owning up to it.

ApexHell2682d ago

type 0 has nothing related to 13 anymore

bakasora2682d ago


Final Fantasy XIII Grew Too Big To Be 'Squashed' Into Three DVDs

RedDead2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


Take it as if they have NOTHING to do with FFXiii and the crystal thing is lines. What happened in FFXIII was the way it Toriyama or Kitase decided to take the crystal idea. FF versus will be entirely different, what we know is that there will be some form of Fal cie, which creates L'cie. We don't know who or what Falcie will be at all. My bets are on the Death god at the moment, and the crystal seems to give people some form of power(which is why its being stolen from noct kingdom), but the death god gives a different one(which Noctis has and why he is the protector of their Crystal)

This is the same with Type-0, it's completely different to both those 2^^^

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BitbyDeath2682d ago

So it grew to big and exploded into the abomination that we now know it as?

JDouglasGU2682d ago

so thats why the tutorial was 10 hours long...

squallheart2682d ago

Lol jd, even 7,8,9 didnt have tutorials you pretty much had to look in the menu and find it yourself or learn through trial and error. Goes to show u they tried to cater to new gamers. Also for those who will argue its a new system for crying out loud its not that hard to learn its pretty much ffx except instead of switching characters u switch job systems.

Hardedge2682d ago

I've been saying for the longest time that it's just a faster version of X-2's battle system. Dress Spheres = Paradigm Shifts.

-X-2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I call doo doo. I think the game didn't make enough money for you guys! Sorry SE if you didn't manage to get your $1 trillion of that 1 game.

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