GamingAngels: ‘Duke Nukem Forever’–related PR hissyfit really doesn’t make anyone look good

Anthony Weiner isn’t the only guy with Twitter-related problems.

After watching the negative reviews of Duke Nukem Forever pile up all around him, publicist Jim Redner, of the aptly-named PR firm The Redner Group, finally let loose with something that he wanted to say to everyone panning the title. He basically threatened pretty much everyone in the games press. And that's not good for anyone in the long run.

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Focker4202864d ago

I do feel some of the press did go a little too far with the game. I mean a 2.5/10, really?? It may be a bad game but I highly doubt its that bad. I'll be playing the game for myself in the next few weeks just to see if the critics are right.

Mikeyy2864d ago

Good point. 2.5 means the game is broken, as in the controls flat out don't work, of there are glitches galore *Cough Fallout Cough*.

Duke works, its just the level design isnt old school enough. Dammit, Gearbox should have hired me to give them the direction they needed with DNF!