Duke Nukem: Forever review fallout reveals thin skin of critics

GamerSheep: "Reviewers can’t have it both ways. We can't expect the gaming companies to have a thick skins and take our abuse if we’re not willing to do the same."

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gamersheep2868d ago

Why are we so sensitive?

BakedGoods2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Because the 'freedom of the press' sounds like it's being attacked.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Game reviewers are notorious for their crappy reviews. Either it's because they didn't play the game in it's entirety, or they didn't like it from the start (ie. a CoD-fanboy reviewing Gran Turismo).

Critics need to be held accountable for their crappy reviews (see: EDGE). If a game sucks, explain why--don't tell me it's "too hard" for you, or that "dwarves and elves are lame". If a game sucks (in my opinion, Duke Nukem does) you should be able to explain that confidently from a design standpoint. Many reviewers fail to do so and bandwagon jump on either trashing the game (see: BRINK, DNF) or praising it (see: CoD, some console exclusives).

Baka-akaB2868d ago

Hell whatever the game i don't mind embargos on reviews .

How the hell reviewers keep pretending they tested fully the multiplayer modes outside of a few previews and before the games servers even go online is amazing .

If you pre order the game , you probably made up your mind ayway and dont care to wait for reviews ... or else you wait for the launch day , where in this day and age , you get reviews the exact same day ... with at least some hope of a better and more honest picture ... han some fake reviews written a week before .

Pintheshadows2868d ago

If you want a laugh read EDGE magazines reviews of the Witcher 2 and and Infamous 2. They are horrific. The Infamous review doesn't even mention the technical side of the game.

arizona-techgeek2868d ago

That PR guy was wrong for what he tweeted.

dizlaoboi9162868d ago

Ya but people get their feelings hurt and make it a bigger issue than it really is, although I agree that that dude went off all wrong.

Bonobo123452868d ago

I completely agree with the author of the article, The PR guy did have a strong opinion, but he should hardly get slated....

Breadisgood2868d ago

I think his tweet was a bit daft. It's basically going to be taken as him saying "we won't let you review the game if you're going to give it a bad one".

I know that's not exactly the case but that's how it's going to be perceived, and as a PR guy I think he should know that.

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