E3 2011: Prototype 2 preview (Strategy Informer)

Strategy Informer previews Prototype 2, and likes it - a lot.

Excerpt: "If there's a word to describe Prototype 2 in the end, it's "badass". The open world, the combat, the visuals, are all visceral treats. The game feels polished already, even though it won't see a release til 2012. Keep an eye out for Prototype 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - this one is a real winner."

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2686d ago
blumatt2686d ago

I just hope the graphics have been updated and the gameplay is less repetitive. I played the first one and it just got old really quick. There was little depth to the gameplay. That, along with graphics, is one area that InFamous 1 and 2 excels in--depth of gameplay. I guess we'll see come next year.

JonahFalcon2686d ago

The graphics have been updated in a BIG way.