PS3 Install Time For Alice: Madness Returns is 20-30 Minutes

Each new release for the PlayStation 3 is seemingly getting larger and more time-consuming in regards to the game’s install time and size. For Alice: Madness Returns, the install time is a staggering 20 to 30 minutes.

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Grenadan2686d ago

was was that about disc swapping being a pain

Kon2686d ago

That doesn't seem too bad all of a sudden

Active Reload2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Lol, and look how they spin it, "I'll just go and get something to eat." Fail...

Edit: So people are going to skip the game now? We were just joking around, geez...

BeOneWithTheGun2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I don't understand what is installing that takes that long. I rented the game yesterday and after an hour it was back in the case, ready to be returned.

The overall idea is wonderful, however, the final presentation was seriously devoid of any indication of a well made game. The very core mechanics of the game seem primitive, the colors very bland and the graphic are straight off the PS2.

It is hard to put a finger on something that breaks a game. The indie games and smaller ones are hit or miss and you can just tell when playing one that is not "AAA" if it's really well done or if its garbage. This, is the latter.

Take Demon's Souls. It was done on a small budget, lacked graphical prowness but the core gaming was addictive, challenging and you were soon sucked into its world. Alice simply comes off as a rough idea that fails to execute that spark that draws you in.

Shame, for sure since the story and characters had potential.

My two cents.

Domer252686d ago

No problem... I'll just make myself an appetizer while I wait.:p

egidem2686d ago

Precisely my thinking. Wait and find something to do while the game installs. Besides, having the game run from the HDD means that loading times are faster than they would have been if the game loaded entirely from the disc.

aviator1892686d ago

then you probably shouldn't comment on this article...

HeavenlySnipes2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

it was the terrifying moment before you take out the first disc, trying as hard as possible not to move the console an inch or it'd get angry at you and eat your disc.

EDIT: At below. You could count to 100 hundred and the percentage would move as you count for the installs in MGS4. (it took 100 seconds for each Act in case you were confused :p)

manumit2686d ago

Who cares PS3 has way too many exclusives to buy Multiplatform anyway.

bangoskank2686d ago

Install time for MGS4 was even worse if I remember correctly.

THWIP712686d ago

...but all I see are delays and/or cancellations.

No Way2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

It must really suck to be so blind and fanboy-ish ..
I mean, you're missing out on so many good games. ;)

rabidpancakeburglar2686d ago

I don't understand the people who complain about installs (mostly xbox fanboys) as you can just take that time to go to the toilet, watch tv or do any other variety of stuff for a short while.

Tdmd2686d ago

The only problem I have with installs are the hd space.

rabidpancakeburglar2686d ago

If you have issues with that then get a larger hard drive or just delete the installs for games that you haven't played for ages.

rezzah2686d ago

Getting disagrees maybe because people don't know how to rid themselves of some files to make space for more...

Just like with the PS2 cards back in the say, when too much space was taken up then all you do is delete a file you would never use (unless it was something worth keeping like J&D)

No Way2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

You mean, cause I'd rather play the game than go do 'other stuff.'
That's the whole reason I bought the game and put it in my PS3, ya know.
Yeah, to go do other stuff and not play my game, that I just bought. Yup.

People have a reason to complain, about these long and annoying installs.
Just like PS3 fanboys complain about the multiple disks, for x360 games.

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Christopher2686d ago

Non-optional installs suck, but that's not because of the PS3, it's because of developers who design for the PC architecture on the PS3.

GraySnake2686d ago

agree. plus i haven't seen a install time like that since DMC4, or any Capcom game for the most part.. most games now hit at what 7-10 mins?

jerethdagryphon2684d ago

it wasnt 20 minites it was morel ike 10 i made a sandwich and and coffee

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Lelouch2686d ago

Wow, they must be installing the entire game. It wouldn't be a huge problem for me, but this game looks kinda average imo.

mastiffchild2686d ago

I actually rather welcome them these days. I ALWAYS install my 360 games if given the option and always have since my fist 360 scratched disc 2 of LO and I couldn't finish the game. Of clourse I've become used to them on PC over the past God knows how long as well and though they're more novel on console I honestly just wish more games(ANY!!) would allow me to install them fully optionally on PS3-it's the mandatory thing that gets me and it never happens on 360 solely because of the fact not every 360 HAS a hard drive so devs have to find a real answer there rather than just dumping a cache of reread on an install to cover for the fact they couldn't be arsed doing things properly for one of the platforms they work on!

Half joking with that-sometimes it IS lazy devs-but given the fact it's always done to improve performance where's the issue(though I totally think a by product of MS not going with an HDD in every system is , along with closer to PC dev kits, why we don't ever see a mandatory install there as it's a shortcut not allowedwith every 360 having to be able to run every 360 game)? It always improves if Install a 360 game to HDD and I'm betting were we allowed to install full games on the PS3(more of an issue to me than piddly mandatories)a lot of those would perform much better too.

but,whatever, these stories are as boring as the disc swapping ones-they're both old hat and the result of decisions made years ago r because people STILL aren't used to optimising for PS3. either way we shouldn't get heated about this nonsense and non issue-again, i'd LOVE to be installing EVERY game on HDD as it improves performance, cuts down heat and energy AND looks after the disc and laser reader.

This seriously isn't a reason, like swapping a disc or two, to buy or not buy any certain console.

SuicidalTendencies2686d ago ShowReplies(6)
fluffydelusions2686d ago

That is pretty bad. Going to pass on this game anyway.

FAGOL2686d ago

That's really bad for this type of game. If developers out there are making more complex and beautiful games without a long installation time then it just means this is a badly optimised game.

It would be understandable if this was 2-3 years ago but it's not.

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