E3 proves that publishers are still out of touch with half the population (Bitmob)

With so many chances to get on board with the realities of gamer demographics of the 21st century, how did so many companies at E3 2011 go so wrong?

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rabidpancakeburglar2683d ago

Ugh feminists like this need to give it a rest. Who the hell cares if games aren't aimed towards women. She makes a point that 40% of gamers are women but if you factor in the women to do Wii Fit and other non games who claim that they are gamers, then that figure would go way down.

DaTruth2683d ago

Going to the range a few times doesn't make you a golfer! Playing a few games doesn't make you a gamer!

These guys know exactly what their demographic is and if the girls were gamers, they would be playing those games! If you were to put out 500 "girl games" in a 5 year generation, maybe two of those games would be million sellers!

Pintheshadows2683d ago

Couldn't of said it better. I didn't get the gist of this article intially. I'd say the publishers had a far better E3 than the console manufacturers. Especially considering WE are the demographic.

Girl gamers tend to like the same stuff we do in my experience.

DV_Bastian2683d ago

I'm going to steal that line...

WhiteLightning2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I'm sorry but you got to understand from the very start of gaming it's always been a boy's thing, why do you think online is always called a "boy's club". I'm not trying to say there wasn't any girl gamers in the NES/N64/PS1 days but you have to admit there wasn't many as they're is now.

Most girls these days do it for a number of reasons, because they want the attention of guys "I'm a girl gamer look at me" type of thing, you get the ones who are blind and think games have always been for girls who try and prove themselfs when in fact all they do is show themselfs up, you get the type who think they know everything about games but don't and finaly you get the ones who do it because it's the "in" thing or it's "cool sorry but playing on 5-7 games dosen't make you a gamer. Sad to see how mainstream it's went these days because there are girl gamers out there, real ones who I would (if I met them) proudly call a gamer because they actually like, enjoy and know knowledge behind games and not just play them which most girls and most of the casual audience think makes them a gamer.

Anyway I'm going into one of my rants again, I know I'll get disagrees and I'm sorry for the girls on this site who are actually interested in games (my "rant" isn't aimed at you). What the writter has to understand males will always lead the gaming industry, having Lara Croft od those things in the new Tomb Raider was just to give her a more realistic feel since it's her first outing.

Oh and these surveys...really. Surveys are differen't all the time, as I said most people now days can say they play on games and call themselfs a gamer when most of the girls who did the survey have probably played on 1-3 games and that's it, plus I bet they were games like Wii fit or some type of dancing game.

LockeCole2683d ago

"I'm not trying to say there wasn't any girl gamers in the NES/N64/PS1 days but you have to admit there wasn't many as they're is now."

Isn't that kind of the point she's making? That since there are more girl gamers out there now than in previous years, maybe publishers should make more an effort to reach out to them instead of peppering their presentations with dick jokes and dudebros?

WhiteLightning2683d ago

True, very true but it's the way things have been done for years, we can't change it just because a bunch of girls feel offended.

It's like what they say about going online when you have a girl moaning that she get's called names and feels offended....sorry but tough, it's a boys club and it's the way it will always be.

Basicaly what I'm trying to say if you don't like it, get lost.

Hicken2683d ago

You know, I'm all for gender equality and the like, but... get over it. Half the gaming population IS NOT female. Half the population of people who play games IS. My parents will play a game, but that doesn't make them gamers. My sister and my nephews will play, but that doesn't mean they're gamers.

Yeah, there are some girls out there who play more than Wii Fit and Just Dance. I can name a good deal of my own friends who fall into this category.

But owning a system or playing a game doesn't make you a gamer any more than buying a Corvette makes you a race car driver. Deal with it.

Pintheshadows2683d ago

So if I buy a Corvette you're saying I wouldn't be a race car driver? Is it ok to pretend?

Hicken2683d ago

Pretending is perfectly fine. Just like pretending that supermodel on your wall is your wife(remember those days?). But don't take it to extreme levels.

whydoyouask2683d ago

Buying a Corvette makes you a car driver, but driving it at your local track day doesn't make you a racer.

earbus2683d ago

E3 proved that most gamers these days are spoilt brats who stamp their feet love to whine and flock together for hate week.