Metro GameCentral : Duke Nukem Forever Review

GameCentral writes "The most delayed title in video game history is finally on shop shelves so how does it fare against modern first person shooters?"

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Saint-Revlot2776d ago

I didn't really like the game but this is a little too harsh.

SantistaUSA2776d ago

I agree, the game is really bad, but I would give at least a 6. Wished Gearbox would had built it from the ground up.

SKUD2776d ago

You cant measure the game by today's standards. Think of it as a really old game you use to have but now have the chance for a play through.

Wagz222776d ago

Fuck this review and all these reviews the give these scores. I've been playing for a few hours and I'm having fun and I think its funny as hell. Yes the graphics aren't the best and there are some glitches but that doesn't warrant a 2/10.

mrsatan2775d ago

I have actually been pleasantly suprised by how good the game is. I thought it was going to be Max Hazard terrible but it still has the charm. The Duke Nukem puzzles are awesome and there is some decent level design in the game.

Granted I am forcing every possible graphics advantage and am running a widescreen fov with dsiabled depth of field hack. The game looks pretty damn good with all of this enabled. The main thing that detracts from it is that hideous field of view and the depth of field effect is the worst implementation I have EVER seen.

I couldn't imagine playing this game on the console. Without mods and the speed of the mouse I don't see it being fun at all.