Condemned 2: PS3 images

Sega just sent Gamersyde this batch of new images of Condemned 2: Bloodshot, all from the PS3 version of the game.

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Dr Pepper4876d ago

Have you played the first one?

ericnellie4876d ago

The first one was pretty damn good. Almost made me crap in my;) I'm looking forward to this sequel!!

KidMakeshift4876d ago

I thought the first one was a excellent launch game. I really hope the combat is more refined and that they don't butcher the gameplay to meet a M rating like Manhunt 2.

OOG FunK4876d ago

nah they dont have to look to make a game thats only thing going for them is the hype the get from media for being banned......

First manhunt suck got to repetitive and AI was stupid....2nd one isnt getn good reviews...never thought it would

condemned on the other hand was a great game with an interesting feel to it and the next one jus looks like they are upin the anti and tryn to let the game evolve into somethin greatand not jus push it on thru the doors to make some money

unrealchris4876d ago

i played like around one hour of the first one graphics were great but at the time there were many other tittles that i consider great.

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