Nintendo's Wii U Could Be Headed For Disaster "Nintendo released transcripts from their E3 Analyst Q&A today and the though many questions came up, the big one involved whether the Wii U will play DVD’s or Blu-Ray discs. Iwata made it clear that the system would not be playing either. Now what is his justification for this move? People should already have a DVD or Blu-Ray player so we won’t waste the money to put one in our system."

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richierich2680d ago

I couldnt care less if it cant play DVDs and Blu-ray movies as long as the games on it are good

Dramscus2680d ago

While this is mostly true, for people who use a console as a movie playing device already and would be looking to stick it in a closet or kids room or something will think twice about doing so.

Also this two controller debacle sounds nasty. No multiplayr is sich a shame.

Though sending content to each controller and the tv would eat up lots of resources I imagine.

Plus if the controller is so expensive as to restrict multi player then it would lead to believe that the actual specs on the console won't be so great. Just to keep costs down you know. Nintendo is the only company that never sells their product at a loss when they release it I think. They however release a console like every five or six years. Excluding handelds which come out almost every other year.

TurismoGTR2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

The Nintendo Wii is pretty much for casuals right? I hardly doubt the same customers who purchased a Wii will go out and purchase a Wii U. They Wouldn't know its a new system.. They would think it's some add on or something for the Wii.

Wii U wont last for very long.. I give it 2 years before its finished.

Dramscus2680d ago

it's mostly like a wii.5

It has a new controller and a more powerful bex but all the wii accessories work which is grantedly cool but it looks as if many games will use the wii mote.

Not an upgraded tech induced awesome wii mote that beats or matches at least the precision of the move just regular old wii motes.

pangitkqb2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

The WiiU checklist:

Expensive controller? Check

No Hard Drive? Check

Support for only one touch controller at a time? Check

No Blu-ray/DVD playback? Check

Only Marginally more powerful than 5-year-old competing consoles? Check

A humongous disappointment for fans & a big mistake for Nintendo? CHECK-FREAKIN' MATE.

The more I learn the less I like about the Wii U. U make mii sad, Nintendo.

Controversy2680d ago

@ pangitkqb

WELL SAID. Wii U = Nintendo not likely getting $$ from me next gen...and I'm a nintendo fan!!!

:( This is a sad turn of events.

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Shok2680d ago

The Wii didn't support DVDs or Blu-rays, yet everyone got over it and it still won. I don't see what the big deal is here. I have a Blu-ray player, DVD player, and my PS3 so I have 3 machines in my house that I can watch movies on, not to mention Netflix on the Wii (and PS3.)

It's really not a big deal.

BrianG2680d ago

It really isn't a big deal, but having features like that help and are nice additional features.

I didn't care that the PS2 could play DVD's until we got our first DVD movie, then I cared.

Jack-Dangerously2680d ago

Lol that's how I felt about the ps3 playing blurays until I got my first bluray "Batman The Movie" Adam West and Burt Ward.

It IS nice to have extra features like that.

Thoreau2680d ago

if playing nintendo wii games is considered a "win", i'll take the lose.

NLGSean2680d ago

Idiotic story header...

Wii has no DVD player and its sold 87 Million systems worldwide...

The system will sell... These stories make me recall 2006 right before the Wii came out... And we saw what happened with that...

KingOfOldSkool2680d ago

Yes, that was the "Wii".. a system that was released under completely different circumstances against overpriced competition. The WiiU will most likely be much more expensive with far less momentum.

It's going to be 2012, a home console in this day and age that will most likely be priced well above the $300 range should have more than 8gb of internal storage, be able to support more than one main controller(especially when its the main draw), and should have basics like DVD support.

For every positive there seems to be an unnecessary negative made by Nintendo. People who expect the same results with the 3DS and WiiU that they saw with the DS and Wii despite these constant mistakes will be in for a rude awakening imo.

cardgenius2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Exactly. The situation is different now. Especially if they think the WiiU will be a family style console like the Wii was(which was the exact reason for its success). The novelty of the Wii-mote has worn off, and the one thing this console will have over the others, will be limited to one person using it at a time.

And if they are limiting the "ipad" controller to one because of price, what happens when I have to replace it because the joysticks went out, or the battery wont hold a charge any more? Or a button is broken or sticky? Spend $100+ to get a new one? Not a chance.

Also, the Gamecube didnt have a DVD player, look at how many that sold.

seinfan2679d ago

Do you actually think the same casual sheeple will buy the Wii U? To most of them, they're not even going to know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U, so they won't even give this "new" console a second look. The only people getting this are the Ninty fangirls.

Fallouts2680d ago

Tbh I didn't even expect the wii2 to play movies in any way other then maybe Netflix since the wii does it.

I just expect great 1st party games. All I want is for the wii2 to at the veryeast match the ps3 and 360 graphics at a reasonable price. I would love to see Mario, metroid, Zelda etc with great graphics and if it's more powerful than the other 2 even better.

ImpliedDeception2679d ago

An ip that's less than 25 years old would be nice, too...

death2smoochie2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

This is not an issue.
Me personally stopped using my game console as a optical media player when my first PS2 and Xbox1 died.
It shortens the life span of your console system.
I bought a dedicated player for that...and now those players are collecting dust for reasons I listed below...

The Wii did not play DVD's or Blu-Ray and look at the sales and how it outsold the other systems that played optical media.
The reality is online streaming of HD movies from services like Netflix and many others is growing at a faster rate than Blu-ray and DVD sales and taking away market share from physical media.
We are a lazy generation lol...having movies at easy access is one of the major reasons DVD and Blu-Ray sales are slowly declining in favor of Netflix type movie subscriptions.
Me personally I cant remember the last time I bought or rented a DVD or Blu-Ray movie...and I know I am not alone here...the other reason brick and mortar stores like BlockBuster are starting to feel the pressure and have been closing many of its stores...

jukins2680d ago

no offense, but i hate when ppl say it shortens the lifespan of your console. i guess technically its does but games get played for hours on end. if anything when i play a bluray or dvd i can barely hear the drive. when playing a game it sounds like a hdd thats constantly being accessed starting stopping searching or w/e going on in there.

death2smoochie2680d ago

It does though. Playing games and watching movies does shorten the life span of the console.

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