Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games That Never Had a Sequel has compiled a list of the Top 10 Nintendo 64 games that never had a sequel or reboot. Prepare to get nostalgic...

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iamtehpwn2684d ago

I'mma throw this out there...

Quest 64.

bwazy2684d ago

Fuck, when I was that young I had NO idea how to play that awesome game lol

maniacmayhem2684d ago

I'll see your Quest 64 and raise you Load Runner 3D.

WombBat2684d ago

Horrible list.

-quest 64
-conkers bad fur day
-yoshi story
-killer instinct

MoreRPG2684d ago

yoshi story i had that game really needs a sequel and donkey kong 64

watchvideogames2684d ago

Conker was remade for the Xbox and Killer Instinct is just a Killer Instinct 2 arcade port.

WombBat2683d ago

Ya but the title is for sequels not remakes so Conkers can fit in there.

Killer instinct just needs a sequel though, that game was dope.

Jio2684d ago

I miss Beetle Adventure Racing. I still haven't beaten the game in 10 years

ali711arab2684d ago

I loved Beetle Adventure Racing also, such a fun game.

BlackIceJoe2684d ago

I would really enjoy a new Jet Force Gemini & Blast Corps. I truly can not believe MS just let Rare die. MS could have had a wonderful first party member threw them. Now they rarely put out games.

I could even see a new Blast Corps working great with the Kinect. But MS only lets them do Kinect Sports. MS has said in the past they need more first party members. But the great one they do have they do nothing with. MS could even put the old games on XBLA & I would buy them.

So I hope some day MS will see the light & allow Rare to make their great games again.

Cheeseknight282683d ago

The heartbreaking thing is that all of Rare's talent is gone. The Stamper brothers left a long time ago. Last things they made were Kameo and Viva-Pinata.

Meaning the only crap they ever had their hands in was Grabbed by the Ghoulies. All the Kinect garbage and Banjo 3 don't have their names on them.

bwazy2684d ago

Theres sequals to that. Not direct, but theres a series of games.

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The story is too old to be commented.