Original Xbox Controller To Be Converted For Use On 360 For Halofest

The original Halo was definitely revolutionary for its time; you could even say it’s the game that made the Xbox a legitimate contender. Now the game is being remade in stunning HD, and because of this another interesting even is happening. In honor of showing off the Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake, 343 industries is looking to resurrect the original Xbox controller.

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GetoverHere1222684d ago

That picture is awesome haha.

Wenis2684d ago

Yay, 'the bear' is coming back

captain-obvious2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

that's no bear that's a dinosaur

just look at the xbox logo in the middle
taking too much space for nothing lol

its like they are saying "hey you you are playing an XBOX see"
and then they shove it in your face lol

sdtarm2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )


you're way to obvious to be funny buddy

SilentNegotiator2684d ago

Last gen's controllers didn't really seem to be as accurate. Whenever I play an old ps2/xbox game with the respective controllers, it feels less accurate than when I'm playing on a PS3/360 game.

(Keeping in mind, I always turn aim-assist off)

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JakePayne2684d ago

Only Shaq could hold those old Xbox controllers. Bad move I'd say.

Warprincess1162684d ago

I know. That controller is really hideous. I don't know how that controller actually got approved.

Cwalk8162684d ago

I would have to think sense it was Microsoft's first real console, that didn't really know what they were doing in that aspect.

PirateThom2684d ago

Microsoft had a ton of PC gaming controllers though...

gamingdroid2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Yeah, the large original Xbox controller wasn't pretty to look at or use for that matter. The smaller Xbox Controller 'S', was much better and very ergonomic.

Speaking of large controllers:

But the Wii U probably takes the cake for being the biggest console controller:

kingdoms2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

The new xbox pad(at the time) had new button layouts with more buttons and slots for assories they never had experience with. I never used those fat cards things that go into the controller Obviously Microsoft got some design ideas from Sega due to being involved with the dreamcast development. I loved the old controllers because I have bigger hands.

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Shackdaddy8362684d ago

I actually liked it. But I have large hands so that's probably just me...

BlackKnight2684d ago

Man it fit really good in your hand, it is not bad at all. Still though, the 360 one is still better, but I loved the first Xbox 1 controller too.

wwm0nkey2684d ago

Apparently no one likes Futurama jokes :(

SilentNegotiator2684d ago

Despite being a huge fan of Futurama, the reference honestly eluded me.

Besides, I've heard that joke in a lot of variations. The one that always comes to mind is when Patrick (LOL, spongebob) buys a bunch of pictures of that guy when he was fat.

Kon2684d ago

That controller looks really big. Not for people with small hands

maddfoxx2684d ago

Or people with average sized hands. I really hoped they're taking about the smaller redesigned xbox controllers.

bifuteki2684d ago

The Whopper Hamburger of controllers makes a come back, very funny!

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