Did The PS Move Just Get a Little More Sexy?

Kotaku: If using a small monkey to cut off sections of clothing is your thing, listen up. Dancing Eye is coming to the PS3, complete with Move support.

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Warprincess1162685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Ugh, a NORMAL male wouldn't be interested in that game. It really weird and gross.

DarkBlood2685d ago

the definition of normal for anything is completetly up to the individual

so in other words normal means nothing lol

PS3pwnz2685d ago

There is a normal for everything. How would style, fashion, or art exist without normal? Normally, (haha) people use the idea of individual normality and apply it to morality, which is even more flawed.

My point is, DarkBlood, that you must not justify this game as normal, because you can't normalize something that is wrong. This game is perverted.

DarkBlood2684d ago

well i don't care for this game nor would i even be interested in this game, its not my style its not something i would bother with

but im not going to go out of my way and say this is not normal because theres a vast amount of people who wouldnt play this because its either sick, gross or anything else they can call it etc etc.

if normal means the amount of people being on one side for something or at most a standard set by others, so is it really your idea of being normal maybe so or maybe not?.

so i still stand by what i said somewhat that the definition of normal is completely up to the invidual at hand.

and to your fashion, style or art thing i would personally place that on popularity if its love by more people then yeah it might have a weird way of being normal however i may not like that "said thing* therefore i may get hated on by that group for liking something else entirely different therefore would cause most scared minded people to just pretend to like what they dont in fear

this was the case with videogames years back and it isnt so much is nowadays since its reach the so called norm stage.

not hating on u or anything just thought i get it out there in the open

LightofDarkness2684d ago

"No true scotsman" fallacy at it's finest.

Although I find it hard to believe that the majority of men would be interested, don't be shocked if the sales are a little higher than expected.

Godmars2902685d ago

Not disturbing in the least...

CrzyFooL2684d ago


Close_Second2684d ago

This plus Ape Escape show Sony dont have a f**king clue when it comes to the Move. The Move is this generations eyetoy. Destined to be the king of shovelware.

Yes I know games like KZ3 and Socom use it but I want some great games built first and foremost for Move. Where is Sports Champions 2 and Start The Party 2!?!

Inception2684d ago

dude, this game is not made by sony but namco

LeftPawedFox2684d ago

I dont get it whats the point?? :/

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