Gears of War 3 Raids the Competition (E3 2011 Interview)

"The title all Xbox 360 owners are eagerly waiting for, Gears of War 3, had a huge presence throughout E3 2011. Whether it was during Microsoft's Media Briefing or the E3 showfloor itself, Marcus Fenix was grabbing the attention of the thousands who attended the expo. Jessica and Nick were lucky enough to sneak in for a brief interview with Josh Markiewicz, Senior Gameplay Programmer for Epic Games, to speak on what Epic Games is bringing to the table with Gears of War 3. Watch Jessica Nigri pull the information you all have been wanting to hear!"

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Nick2120042682d ago

Gears of War 3 blew me away at the show! Easily one of the most impressive titles of E3 2011 alongside Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, and the many more!

tmanmushroom2682d ago

I loved the beta, and the gameplay at E3 made me want to play even more!

mbsaeger2682d ago

Gears 3 was definitely one of the hits at e3 this year! Looking forward to getting my hands on it!

killajd2682d ago

this and halo are Ms pushing power for them

Fallouts2682d ago

And a powerful push it is...

DJnal052682d ago

Gears will be cool... only reason i am keeping my $hitbox