Should “Venomous” Journalists Feel Untouchable?

Lately the web is spawning a host of game reviews that trascend the negative and fall into the vicious.

While this seems to be effective to attract attention (and controversy) to websites and to increase personal popularity, it might conflict with professional integrity, and gets even worse when the writer starts to think he's untouchable just because he wears the "journalist" badge.

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gaffyh2680d ago

I'd like to see who exactly this guy was referring to i.e. which reviews. He might have had a point, you never know.

Chadness2680d ago

I can see both sides of the story, it's just hard by looking and reading a review to tell if the reviewer was being serious, or if he was being "venomous", because some writers just have a certain way about them, putting how they feel in stronger words. That doesn't necessarily mean they're trying to go out of their way to kill a game, it just means they write differently than others and interpret what they like and don't like about a game differently.