Xbox LIVE Account Sharing and Gamesave Tampering (Don't Do It)

Major Nelson: "I have mentioned this a couple of times on my podcasts, but I want to make sure those that don't listen to the show get the message. Specifically, don't share your account information. If you run into that person in Halo 3 who claims if they could have your LIVE ID name and password to recover your Xbox LIVE account to their Xbox and they'll rank you up or find you all the hidden skulls in Halo 3, I urge you not to fall to temptation. While it may be appealing, in addition to violating the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use it can also result in you permanently losing your account. If that 'friend' of yours decides not return your account and buys a bunch of Arcade titles and movies on your account, there is nothing we can do except cancel the account since you willingly shared your information".

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Amsterdaam4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I say if you're stupid enough to fall for this, you deserve to lose your account and any MS points you had.

Syko4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Agreed, Also as the picture indicates DO NOT Piss on the floor.

Thank You,
The management

Sir your disagree has been traced and we are currently hunting you down for pissing on our floor.

Thank You,
The management

razer4866d ago

Besides post Marketplace content and do boring podcasts??

Yes, thanks again for the idle threats Major, how about you make yourself useful and actually give us some Xbox 360 information like what's going on with the fall dashboard update.

Amsterdaam4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

As soon as that information is released to the general public, he will. Do you expect him to leak info and get fired? he's a Microsoft employee, what they say goes.

And he's not threating you, it's a PSA warning. Like "Don't give out your credit card numbers to me, or I will buy many things on the internets" - Amsterdaam

razer4866d ago

I didn't realize the Major Nelson fanclub was on this site..

I've been listening to Major Nelson's flap since XBL started. He used to provide good information and even an occasional "insider" tidbit.. He has done none of that since the end of last year. He spends his podcast talking about himself and that E guy(ie Rainman) and provides crap for information.. He does communicate if Xbox Live is down, well.. he used too. He failed to mentioned the 3 hour outage last night/this morning..

I understand he is under NDA and that he might lose his job.. But all the more reason he is worthless when it comes to getting any real information from him. He is simply an MS mouthpiece, like the Johnny Carson of Xbox Live.

Amsterdaam4866d ago

How does telling you what his site is about relate to a fan club? grow up, kid.

Dukester1014866d ago

He's actually one of the more useful MS employees.

His podcasts are pretty good, and he does inform the community about stuff (that he can). Since he is a MS employee he has a certain code of conduct he must follow, and under no circumstances can he "spill the beans," unless it is agreed upon by his supervisor.

Tsalagi4866d ago

Of course giving someone else your personal info to access your account is stupid but i just don't see why MS cares that much about gamesave sharing. It's not like your gamerscore means anything so why would they care if you want to cheat and download a gamesave to raise your score?

Skerj4866d ago

Like the saying goes "An Honest Man Never Gets Scammed". If you're dumb and greedy enough to believe that some awesome XBL player you don't know will get you the things they promised then you deserve to get your account taken.

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The story is too old to be commented.