Playing With Morality: Why I Love To Be The Gaming Villain

Dan Curtis of writes: Playing the villain isn’t an everyday occurrence for me. I’m not a starring antagonist in a pantomime stage show you see; nor am I a common criminal or egotistical mastermind that is hell bent on taking over the world. If you asked me, I would probably say I’m in no way a villain – I instead pride myself on being the ‘good guy’. So why is it, every single time I’m faced with a moral choice in videogaming, I decide I want to be the villain? What makes me forgo my calling in life and simply decide to blast people in the face or push them out of windows rather than helping them out and being all nicey nicey?

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Cwalk8162680d ago

We need more Star Wars games with morality. :)

GregoryAllen2680d ago

Dude, i totally do the same thing. its always so much more fun. usually easier too cuz you can just do whatever you want lol.

rmoar2680d ago

I usually end up going good in almost any game... on the first play through. Then after I've been good for awhile, I think I earned the right to kill everybody.

GetoverHere1222680d ago

I like the challenge that playing the hero usually brings, games are too easy nowadays when you can just run around killing everybody.

JakePayne2680d ago

Thats so true, the evil side always has the best powers. AKA Infamous

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The story is too old to be commented.