Wii U Manufacturing Will Not Delay Launch

Nintendo’s recently Global President, Satoru Iwata has been questioned on the launch issues for the Wii U, is confident that there will be no significant manufacturing issues that will affect their business, and they are confident in their estimates for the launch timeline.

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TheViper2684d ago

Recently inaugurated? Really? I'm pretty certain he's been head of Nintendo for about almost a decade now.

dantheman19922684d ago

sorry that was from the source of this news changed now

baxy-z2684d ago

i hope they do the Wii U in black!

Fishy Fingers2684d ago

Probably a while after launch. Switching from White to black will draw a few more sales. Worked with the Wii and the 360, because really, not many people want a white piece of tech (other than Macs).

Fallouts2684d ago

i wish all console was made in a way to change the case to what ever color you want and not void the warranty.

or just come out with like 3 or 4 colors to choose from.

tigertron2684d ago

All consoles should be released in more than one colour i.e the Gamecube which came out in purple and black at first.

dragunrising2684d ago

I purchased the gamecube in silver when it became available. Wish the option was available from the beginning. It wasn't a bad looking console by any stretch. Not sure what Nintendo was thinking with the handle in the back though :-p

I hope there is a black or silver Wii U option.

dangoesforth2684d ago

yh i think tht also, i wanted a black wii and a black 360 but had to wait which was annoying

Kakkoii2684d ago

I doubt there won't be shortage issues. It's better for business. The average consumer who doesn't know what's going on in the business side of things just sees the Wii for example being sold out constantly, making them think it's an even more hot item than they did before, increasing the want factor. These people constantly talk with other people about how hard it is to find a place that isn't sold out of Wii's. This was one of the Wii's biggest sales contributing factors. It drums up a lot more media attention, with even mainstream news channels talking about how hard it is to find one, it was crazy.

dangoesforth2684d ago

good comment im sure it will be fine

baxy-z2684d ago

Yeah i know what you mean. I'm sure they could produce enough consoles if they wanted to.

Ck1x2684d ago

Actually unless a console has a really great design language to it. Coming out with all of these extravagant color schemes kind of cheapens the value in my opinion... I think that's one thing that Appple does right for sure is by making the presentation of the hardware look and feel high quality and expensive!

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