Hitman: Absolution, Why The Changes?

PWNGamer: The Hitman series has been a gaming franchise i’ve held close to my heart since its birth way back in 2000, the sequels that followed ensured that it was a solid shooter like no other.

It’s been five years since Mr 47 last made an appearence in Hitman: Blood Money and after the climatic ending it’s no wonder that fans have grown inpatient to see his fibre wire wrapped around some poor unsuspecting victims neck once again, with the recent anounncement of Hitman: Absolution, that wait is almost over, unfortunately we may not be getting the same Hitman we’re use to.

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Hitman07692683d ago

This is a game I care a lot about. I hope they don't ruin it.

Kon2683d ago

I hope they keep the stealth elements and don't go for a more mainstream game.

rabidpancakeburglar2683d ago

Well obviously they will keep the stealth elements. It's a game which heavily features stealth and they would alienate all of their fans if they removed stealth.

tablav2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

In all previous Hitman games, the difficulty setting controls more that just enemy AI. All the instinct mode will be is a replacement for following your target on the map in easy mode like in previous games. Hitman games have implemented new features every time and have never failed to impress me.

This game will be amazing and I for one won't be falling into the trap of condemning a game before I've seen ANY evidence of failings like everybody likes to do these days.

God forbid anyone can just look forward to a game anymore.

Edit: I am a little upset about the change of voice actor though.

cjflora2683d ago

The author needs to learn how to use "too".

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