Iwata: 'Nintendo is not interested' in free-to-play

Nintendo has never shown interest in free-to-play games in the past, likely due to their requirement of support from sophisticated online infrastructure. And ... that is unlikely to change. Speaking to AllThingsD, Satoru Iwata said flatly that "Nintendo is not interested" in freemium games, alluding to the same discussion of maintaining the "value" of games that he mentioned at GDC.

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DA_SHREDDER2865d ago

if thats the case it better be f'ing good. The controller has me worried, as I hope its works as good as a DS3. If it has any missing buttons its gonna be a fail. And no the Wiimote is not gonna replace a regular controller.

Nes_Daze2865d ago

It doesn't matter, remember what userbase Nintendo has attracted, they won't see the "missing buttons", they'll see the touch screen and go crazy for it regardless of anything else.

metsgaming2865d ago

im pretty sure it only has 2 back buttons not 4.

Rainstorm812865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

2 back buttons and two shoulder buttons


...And this is why you dont typically see free to play franchises on console..

shadow27972865d ago

It has two shoulder buttons plus two triggers. It has all the normal buttons plus the touch screen. I guess the only question is if the sticks "click".

DarkBlood2865d ago

so im confused what exactly would we be paying for on Ghost Recon then? if anyone has any idea that is

Fishy Fingers2865d ago

Eh? Ghost Recon isnt a free2play game.

MainEv3nt 692865d ago

ghost recon online is free to play on PC and thats the version the Wii U is getting

Fishy Fingers2865d ago

Oh really, I didnt realise that. My appologises.

zeal0us2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Your only see Ghost Recon Online because its coming from Ubisoft, if any other company like Ijji or Nexon came forward and ask to put A.V.A or Combat Arms on the WiiU, they would been told no.