Friend Codes and Facebook Voice Chat on the Wii U

Nintendo always seems to be a few steps behind the rest in terms of online capabilities. The GameCube modem never really took off, while the Wii's voice chat was very limited and the DS had some major hiccups that hindered their online functionality. Well, Nintendo is looking to change that with the Wii U by incorporating a new set of voice chat features and revamping the ever so loved 'Friend Code' system.

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GregoryAllen2680d ago

Now I just need friends to chat with : (

GetoverHere1222680d ago

I'll be your friend Greg, but I won't buy a Wii U

solideagle12680d ago

facebook has voice chat? lol


amilio2680d ago

LOL this same thing came up the other day hes not talking about the Wii U but the 3DS dont worry ppl!!

AEtherbane2680d ago

What a misleading title, if anyone of you read the article, it says Nintendo is aiming at an online system similar to PSN and Xbox Live.
At E3 it was also clearly stated that the Wii U was ditching Friend Codes. By "revamped" they're refereeing to a system that doesn't use them.
And Facebook chat integration is pretty cool for us Facebook users.

Maxned2680d ago

It doesnt matter. The words "Friend Codes" should not have even been spoken by any Nintendo rep unless they came after the words "We've gotten rid of".

Seriously. I read the article, I know theyre going to be significantly reduced, but this is ridiculous.

You really want to appeal to the core gamer, Nintendo? Then stop using goddamn friend codes. They hurt the ENTIRE online experience and scare away developers.


JakePayne2680d ago

I hate the Friend Code sooo much. Why have they not banished it

Cwalk8162680d ago

Maybe friend codes are just for the chat things.

Theyellowflash302680d ago

You guys really need to read the article. They were talking about the 3DS. Friend Codes are not coming back. Ubisoft even confirmed this.

Js2Kings2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Please don't approve this, there is no source for this whatsoever.

Edit: my bad, I swore I looked at the bottom. I did find the Facebook thing but I Crtl+F "friend" throughout the whole Q&A, only one result and it dealt nothing with friend code. Can anyone show me where I can find that part of the Q&A?

ZoidsRaven2680d ago

............ I don't like facebook, but I guess that's good for facebook users.

lolpidian2680d ago

I like facebook but I am kinda getting tired of it being integrated to anything and everything. I am afraid that soon friends will poke us while we are taking a shower or worse...

"...mhmmm darlin"
" WTF?!?!"

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The story is too old to be commented.