GamerGaia: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

With the market on MMORPGs as saturated as it is, it’s hard to imagine that a company could really justify investing millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours into a game that has a higher chance of failing than it does of succeeding. That is, unless your game is Star Wars.

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GetoverHere1222871d ago

Finally something fun that isn't WoW.

GregoryAllen2871d ago

I'm pretty sure i've been looking forward to a game like this since i first saw the Star Wars movie.

...Then dreading it once i saw the three prequels.

JakePayne2871d ago

50% of my life will be devoted to this game

honestpizza2871d ago

I am on the fence about this... I want to like it, but feel like its just going to be another MMO. Everyone says their MMO is going to reinvent the wheel, and this one looks like it just might, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Spinal2871d ago

It isnt going to re-invent the wheel its just going to be another brand of a wheel which gives us buyers more options.

GameZenith2871d ago

A fully voiced MMO with 8 different unique stories (8 classes) and you do not think that isn't anything new?

silvacrest2871d ago

how many of you MMO players skim the story because you have to read every single thing?

it might not seem so bad to some but in a strange way it forces the player to care and understand the story

silvacrest2871d ago

cant wait, here's hoping it comes out sooner rather then later

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