Are motion controls targeted at the wrong crowd?

GrE writes, "Earlier this week I asked if you were sick of motion controls, and now I want to delve a bit deeper into that question. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and even Apple keep pushing motion controls on gamers. Accelerometers and gyroscopes are finding their way into damn near every device tied to gaming. While the use of motion can certainly enhance the overall experience when it is well implemented, it can also be a large detraction when poorly integrated. Thus, are we just missing the point of motion controls?"

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Why o why2684d ago

most people ae fine with motion controls especially if implemented correctly and more so if its an option. There is plenty of space for an alternative method. What people seem to not like is when it becomes too much of the focus.

baxy-z2684d ago

very interesting read!

Tyre2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Interesting trick to validate a fad into something that looks like it is modern and more advanced, nope motion controls are a failure without touch and accuracy, Kinect and Wii are just here to reduce gaming to layman's levels and make every game so lacking in innovation and challenge, i just laughed when i read this. This journalist actually tried to make it look like motion control & motion controlled games are more difficult than core games and the most advanced piece of controlling devices are the joysticks/gamepads/mouses, try using cranes/airplanes/cars/spaceshu ttles/tanks/flyingdrones etc with motion controls, he seems to forget that joysticks/gamepads are the most advanced tried & tested controls and they proof the most reliable time & time again, they can't be replaced, in exoskeletons touch feedback/accuracy/control failsafes are vital (i mean a hardware controller is in-between humans and machines and also functions as a touch error feedback device that is more accurate than visual imput alone/we haven't got 5 senses for nothing). Why make us all less in control and why rely on inefficient energy consuming whole body movement to move a couple of pixels, why bypass the most advanced piece of biologic evolutionary integrated hardware: the 5 senses.

theonlylolking2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

They need to stop trying to get us peeps who use k/m, and gamepads to use motion controls. We have been playing for many years with them and know how much better they are for video games. When I talk to gamers that do not like motion controls they usually want a video game that is like the holo deck on star trek. They say that until then controllers and keyboard and mouse are the best.

So until we can play games like that I do not think that core gamers will leave the controller.

Lord_Sloth2684d ago

Not true. Playstation Move and the Gladiator title proved that motion controls CAN be hardcore. Just no1's making games for us yet with them.

Why o why2684d ago

table tennis was hardcore enough for me. I lost pounds got shoulder pains, all sorts

guitar_nerd_232684d ago

It's funny I couldn't get into the Gladiotor one- like Why o why I love the table tennis though!

Nes_Daze2684d ago

Nobody wants to put the work into good motion controlled games because the casuals will eat it either way.

ZombieAssassin2684d ago

I'm all for an extra way to play a game, the thing I don't like is when a game is for motion controls only (although I see why some kinect games are like that).

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