Nintendo: First Out the Gate

Outside of some rapid (and likely impossible) rush to market by Sony and Microsoft that would most certainly end in certain doom, it looks like Nintendo is set to accomplish a feat never before seen in their history: Nintendo’s new console will be first to market.

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bgrundman2686d ago

I still think the WiiU was a huge mistake.

fluffydelusions2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

That remains to be seen but they shouldn't have announced it so early with nothing really to show and no finalized specs. There are also a lot of things people will take issue with such as:

1) Revamped friend codes. Ditch them already Nintendo.
2) No DVD or Blu-Ray playback. Not really a huge deal but a nice added bonus.
3) One controller per system (though that may change).
4) Potential cost (they said it won't be cheap).

Seijoru2686d ago

I think it will do fine, just not as great as the Wii.

fluffydelusions2686d ago

Yeah, Wii will be a hard act to follow. I think a lot of people feel taken after purchasing it since it really lacked 3rd party support.

kikizoo2686d ago

Hmmm "first", or "5 years late" ?

if the wiiuuu can give not really more than ps3, it's 5 years late...not first.

news4geeks2686d ago

More like last to market. Welcome to the current gen nintendo.

VampiricDragon2686d ago

And the current gen is about the limit. Even sony said graphical improvements of huge worth wont be happening in the ps4

Kurisu2686d ago

Nintendo are probably going for "new-gen" instead of "next-gen", that's what they said when the Wii came out.

Nes_Daze2686d ago

LOL half or more of the casual Wii owners don't even know a Wii U exists, it'll all come down to what they want.

nopunctuation2686d ago

Rushing into the next gen isnt a good idea. We needed it last time but the rush cost us big time with broken consoles and long waits for good games. Now is the time to just ease into the next generation and enjoy the console we have now for the next year or two.

Otheros002686d ago

It does not have the coolest controller. It has been already done before to some extent with Sony's remote play on ps3 and psp. Everything in the WiiU is old tech except for the cpu.

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