8.0 InFamous 2 Review reviews InFamous 2, exclusive to the PlayStation 3!

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ElDorado2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Sorry, but U need to do a lot more work on your review. 7 for graphics? That's just not possible. There is almost no content, how is this a review?

reznik_zerosum2779d ago

this game is 7.5 overall,gamespot review was best for this game....first one was way better

Pintheshadows2779d ago

Play it first because..............that....j ust play 2 first before fabricating.

Jay_miz2779d ago

It's my first try!

Remember it's a scale of 1 to 10 , not everything is worthy of 8 or 9 , do you think these graphics compare to heavy rain or other 9 or 10 worthy games? I don't think so

ElDorado2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm just saying you need to do more work on your review. I'm not attacking you or anything. Remember this is a openworld game so it's impressive to have this level of graphics. You tell me do you know a sandbox game on CONSOLES that has the level of graphics that inFamous 2 has? The animations in Heavy Rain were impressive indeed, but inFamous 2 has the better graphics overall environments etc.

Jay_miz2779d ago

I suppose, but even open world the game isn't that big, it's not grand theft auto not that we expected it, but games like mafia 2 have bigger worlds and better graphics

gta_manic2779d ago

I think you should put in context the graphics and what is on screen(npc,object.ect) Mafia 2 had good graphics with a big map but a very hollow one to me.

news4geeks2779d ago

mafia2, gta4, all assassins creed's and red dead redemption all have better graphics than infamous2. The review is spot on. A 7 in graphics is fair. Perhaps could score higher on art style.

@jay_miz - I noticed the score is now 8/10 for graphics. You shouldn't feel pressured into scoring it higher because a bunch of ps fanboys think it should.

nopunctuation2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

You see this is the trap that even professional reviewers seem to fall into these days. You cant compare this to Heavy Rain; You cant even compare it to similar open world games. Its not a contest between games that determines the score. You are scoring the game based on a competition within itself. You need to ask yourself "Is this game doing everything it can to be the best? Is it pushing its own limits and going the extra mile to impress?" You also need to consider its limits because different genres of games will display higher limits than others. Free Roam games tend to have lesser graphics but that can be forgiven because its harder to cram 20 square miles into one game than it is to cram 1 mile of GT5 track and crank up the graphics.

But yeah tl;dr:Dont compare to other games. Look at how far the game is pushing itself and if it is going the extra mile, give it a good score. Your score is good for this game overall but some areas of critique are iffy to say the least.

Tdmd2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Are you really compairing InFamous 2 and Heavy Rain graphics?! Come on, mate... one of those is an open world sandbox.

EDIT: @news4geeks,
GTA4 have better graphics than inFamous 2?! Uh, right...
(troll alert!)

Pintheshadows2779d ago

Why does eveyone have a hard on for Heavy Rain graphics? They were ok but not upper echelon comparison worthy.

Also inFamous 2 is a sandbox where Mafia 2 was a bucket of sand.

inFamous 2 looks better than RDR as well. Again another game that looks nice but after 50 hours of play you start to notice issues.

I'm not really directing this at anyone but this game for a huge sandbox is a 9 in the graphics department. Especially when compared to its rivals.

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ElDorado2779d ago

Come on man. You've got to be kidding me. Mafia 2 does NOT i repeat does not have the same graphics or better graphics than inFamous 2. Mafia 2 on PC looks better, but on consoles it's no contest really.

xYLeinen2779d ago

Both of you are trying to objectify your SUBJECTIVE opinion. Kinda funny..

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