Sony offering six months of Qriocity to PS3 owners

Were you perplexed by the odd, seemingly misspelled word that kept periodically popping up during Sony's updates about the PSN outage? You know, Qriocity? It seems Sony is attempting to take advantage of your piqued attention, as PlayStation Blog has announced that all PS3 owners ages 18 and up are eligible to receive a free 180-day membership to the streaming music service.

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Undeadwolfy4127d ago

Wow 6 months? Im signing up

fr0sty4127d ago

Well... you do have to input your cc info, a bold request from a company that just had millions of cc numbers compromised. I just got google music, which while it's nowhere near the same scope of 7 million songs, I can still upload my own for free.

Undeadwolfy4127d ago

Meh, not too bothered about Sony having their cc number comprimised. You just need to look at all the big companies and banks, such as my own, which has admitted to LOSING credit card/debit card/bank account details and thats enough to put any worries at ease.

pangitkqb4127d ago

Awesome. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

fr0sty4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )


I'm not either honestly, but I'm still not sold on paying for a music service when google is giving away a cloud based system for free. It's cool for those that are into it, but I'm just not interested.

I_find_it_funny4127d ago

guess it's not worldwide, thanks Sony

Soldierone4127d ago

You shouldn't have to input your CC information anymore. and you can turn off auto renewal to not worry about that.

I have been using Amazon's service. Free with the purchase of a CD. Combine that with Pandora and you get the same experience, even on your Android phone. That is unless you prefer to pay for the experience.

Nitrowolf24127d ago

i just did it, didn't have to put any info in

paintsville4126d ago

Just like Sony to use this frack up of theirs to try and market another server to their already betrayed customer base. Jump right in there and gobble up more of Sony's ultra safe and secure services!!

Jinxstar4126d ago

WAsn't the final outcome that they lost something like 1200 CC's from a 2006 database that wasn't deleted as it should have been? Also only from a few european contries only? I forget but I think thats what it was.

-EvoAnubis-4126d ago

First, no you don't have to put in CC info; I did this yesterday (even downloaded the Android app) and it made no such request.

Second, I'm in Google's Music Beta too. It is sweet, isn't it?

Kleptic4126d ago

i'll definitely try it...I don't use any cloud based music stuff at the moment, and before the hack mess there was already a 30 day trial...180 is obviously better...

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nopunctuation4127d ago

What if I already signed up for the 30 day free trail?

Soldierone4127d ago

Just tried and then looked it up, and nope we got the big Eff you. "Users cannot currently or previously hold a subscription to the service. This includes Basic and Premium."

The 30 day free trial basically screwed us. The more I try to like this service, the more I hate it.

nopunctuation4127d ago

Damn that sucks. The service isnt that great for me anyway. I keep trying to favorite stuff but it wont save it to my favorites. Think ill just go back to Youtube when my service is up.

rdgneoz34126d ago

Yay for multiple accounts :P

davidmccue4126d ago

The free 180 days membership is only available if:
You are over 18.
You do not currently hold or have not previously held a Music Unlimited subscription to the premium or basic plan.
You are in a supported country/region (US).
Note: you will not be able to take advantage of the 180-day Subscription Free Trial on PS3 if you purchase other subscriptions.

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lil Titan4126d ago

i really wish i could put my own music library in the cloud since i dont really listen to commercial music but i know pirate music would be at a all time high smh SUPPORT YOUR ARTIST, well SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC not that cornball shit im hearing "swag" that word is officially played out and anyone who use it or refers they have it is irrelevant to life

Kee4127d ago

Not interested. Grooveshark for the win!!

TheCampfireSong4127d ago

Let Canadians have a taste of this tasty pie!

Pedobear Rocks4127d ago

There are no streaming or cloud services (legit) in Canada (see Amazon/Google/Apple/Pandora/Zu ne) due to the differences in licensing structure and copyright laws.

See Michael Geists informative article today In the Toronto Star.

Blame the Canadian Recording Industry.

TheCampfireSong4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

We have Netflix And Apple recently released their cloud service for itunes which works amazingly.

kma2k4127d ago

Sorry pedobear but i couldnt pass up a south park reference you through out there with "blame canada" lol but i got nothing but love for our neighbors to the north

kma2k4127d ago

We were all supposed to get 1 free month, i was signing up until it asked for a credit card & then i said no thank you. I deleted my credit card info the day the psn came back up & never plan to enter any again. If i ever buy anything from the psn it will be with psn cards from now on.

Apocwhen4127d ago

I signed up for the 180 days basic plan and it didn't ask for CC details.
But I can't play any music either...It'll only stream the first 30 seconds of each song. What's that about?

NLGSean4127d ago

Yeah I notice that too... Whats the point if you can only hear 30 second clips?

Apocwhen4127d ago

After reading this thread:

It seems that's all your get. 30 second samples. Who would pay $4 a month for that. That seems like a rip off if that's the case. I can load up Amazon or iTunes and play samples of songs in that case.

Maybe I was playing music from the premium channels or something? I'll try again later to if it will play any songs in full.

rdgneoz34126d ago

It takes a little bit for the service to recognize that you're signed up. At least it did for me when I signed up for it on my main account before the PSN went down.

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