Entry Level 3D Gaming PC Build for $1250

Gamers Nexus writes, "It's been a while since PAX and ECGC, but nVidia left a lasting impression with its ambitious plot to take over the world advance video gaming and graphics rendering possibilities by 1000%. We've recently joined forces with nVidia to unveil the triumvirate of 3D gaming rigs -- starting at $1200 and going all the way up towards -- yes, for real -- $8,000. That's a lot of BF3 guns.

No reason to give anyone a heart attack just yet; we'll set you off with our $1250 3D Gaming Starter Kit. This build includes a 3D compatible monitor, video card, and 3D vision glasses; all other components are recommendations, but not entirely necessary. Some components will have different options below to comply with the wide array of wealth out there."

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Venjense2680d ago

That's way too expensive.

BeastlyRig2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

They chosse the wrong parts for the price imo. I think I could get the same for $240 less 8gb ram not needed & they have 3d monitors for $350 & a gtx 560 for $190 on new egg.

but for this price I say forget 3d & just build a high end pc..


oh yeah!

Lelldorianx2680d ago

Uh, no. The monitor comes with $100 3D glasses. Sooo...

just_looken2680d ago

true but fyi a 2008 graphics card can do 3d gameing so just get sonys $400 3dtv hook it up with hdmi done.

JsonHenry2680d ago

Without 3D this build would cost peanuts in comparison and still be able to play games on max settings. This is a PC troll article.

aaaaaaaaa2680d ago

I agree with you on 3 screens, 3d screens are way over the top in price

v1c1ous2680d ago

$1250 for only entry level? thx...

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