How 343 Industries Can Make A New Halo Trilogy Worth Playing

There is no doubt that many were rather anxious when Halo 4 leaked. Seeing the official reveal trailer only furthered said hesitation, especially when you consider it's a whole new trilogy. Perhaps it's because Halo 3 seemed to round off Master Chief's story so well, regardless of the fact that it ended with a cliffhanger, or maybe it's because Halo: Reach brought so much to the series that it's quite difficult to imagine where to go from there. That is, if you're looking at the Halo series from a strictly multiplayer perspective. Strange as it may seem, Halo has been a series largely defined and directed by its story campaign. If 343 is planning on making any major changes to the series, it may be best to look into how they plan on developing Master Chief as a character.

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Arnon2685d ago

I gotta say I'm interested in seeing the chief again. I'm wondering what they'll actually do with the series from here on out.

On a side note, 4 days ago my Slim Xbox 360 250gb crapped out on me and I received an E-82 error while playing the demo to El Shaddai :(

tdogchristy902686d ago

I will admit that the hs kid in me is starting to warm up to the CE remake. However I don't like the idea of a halo 4 let alone another three games. I was raised on halo from day one and like the author the prequel in reach that gave background and the conclusion from halo 3 (even though it was a cliff hanger) were satisfying and brought closure. Idk I just feel very uneasy about continuing the current story, let alone for three more games.

The Meerkat2685d ago

If you read the books you'll find there are many unanswered questions which could be addressed in Halo4.

I only wish I could freeze myself for the next 17 months.

manumit2685d ago

I agree Meer. I was actually over sick of hearing about it. But now i've never been so excited for it. Im hanging for the remake and can't wait for no. 4. i have a good feeling about Halo 4. The next trilogy be just as good as the first.

Paradicia2685d ago

Most of the team is made up of ex-bungie employees. The series is in good hands.

Varodor2685d ago

then who is working with Activision?

The Meerkat2685d ago

Nobody 'Works' with Activision.

They just become their bitches.

Septic2685d ago

These are very interesting times indeed for Halo fans. The enemies, weapons and vehicles have become the key identifiers when it comes to Halo.

Enemies such as the elites and grunts, vehicles like the Warthog, Ghost and Banshees and weapons such as the Needler, plasma pistol etc. Many of these are going to be changed now that there is a new story. I don't envy 343 because they do have a mammoth task on their hands.

I can't wait!

Godmars2902685d ago

You don't know if any of the things you just listed will even be in this new game, much less what this new series holds.

I doubt the question is if this 343 fails to deliver Halo fans will stick around for the next installment, but how MS will react.

Munky2685d ago

Now I agree with you that 343i has a lot to chew on, but I don't understand your comment about how the weapons and vehicles will change. For anybody who has read any of the fiction you would know that the Halo universe is very deep as well as very detailed in regards to weapons, different alien races, the vehicles, and locations. So how and why would this change? If anything, 343i has always stated that halo "canon" is of utmost importance to them and will not stray from it.

Septic2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Well think about it. Master Chief is getting sucked up by this mothership on his own. There aren't any fellow humans (not at the early stages of the story anyways). The guns such as the Needler and Plasma pistol belong to the Covenant (or the elites etc). Vehicles like the Banshees and Ghosts won't feature unless it was the Forerunners that designed them in the first place.

Obviously info on the game is thin on the ground but prima facie, it looks this will be an all new world. The halo fiction is very deep yes, but I'm talking about the weaponry and vehicles in terms of the games that have come before.

I'm personally very excited about these new changes. It would be a shame not to capitalise on it as this is a new trilogy.

Raven_Nomad2685d ago

Of course 343 will do a great job. Have people forgotten that they have a ton of original Bungie members on staff? If anything Halo Reach was made by a newer development team. Cant wait to see the Chief back in action.

Munky2685d ago

You can't forget something that you never knew. ;)

Raven_Nomad2685d ago

A lot of the original Bungie left and joined Microsoft's in house studio to continue working on Halo games. Frank himself was the big wig of Bungie.

So Halo games will continue to be solid.

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